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When is the last time you petted an alpaca, coddled a llama, stroked a sheep...?  Well, this weekend the Washington County Fiber Tour is happening once again and it must be popular because this is the 18th annual tour!  It's fun and educational.  There are some 35 demonstrations planned where you'll learn about shearing, spinning, dyeing, weaving and also be able to purchase raw yarn for your own project or beautifully unique handmade items (just in time for Mother's Day perhaps?)  But first, you'll need a map, so you can plan your strategy and visit as many farms as you like in Granville, Fort Ann, Argyle, West Hebron and throughout the Battenkill Valley.  Visit and be sure to take the kids!    
This is so exciting!  A Polo Club coming to the Battenkill Valley!  This is "Polo For The People", where membership is free, games are more for fun than competition, spectators get in for twenty bucks a carload, and average folk like you and me can attend a Polo University and actually learn the game traditionally reserved for kings!  tn_480_new_DSC_0254.jpg.jpgThere's a two-day introductory course, an 8-week group lesson course and private lessons are also available. 

The first-ever match will take place Saturday, June 5, at 4pm, and then matches will take place every Saturday at 4pm thereafter (weather permitting).  So pack your car with a cooler (no glass, no alcohol) and a pile of your more adventurous friends and come out and see a real Polo match!  It's right on Rt. 29 between Greenwich and Salem - you can't miss it.  They've done a beautiful job with the property and you're guaranteed a fun afternoon, taking in the scenery, the majesty of the horses and the excitement of the game.  Maybe you'll be inspired to go the next step and attend the University.'s another thought.  How about getting married there?  The spot is so idyllic it makes a great - and unique - location for weddings and other special events.  If you're interested contact my pal Christine Hoffer at (518) 677-5741.  She's got a lot of experience with this sort of thing and can help you dream up all sorts of dreamy ideas to make your day unforgettable. Commercial photo shoots may also be arranged.  Surya is affiliated with the USPA and may be reached at for more information.

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