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Big-Time Artists Displaying In Little Old Salem


No trip to the Battenkill Valley is complete without a peek at what the artists are up to, and these days, the artists at North Main Gallery in Salem are definitely worth a look. 
Donna Marie deCreeft has exhibited in New York City and locally.  She works in mixed media, crossing the boundaries between cultures, art and craft, ideas and experience.  Her work in this exhibit seeks to capture aspects of the natural world.  "I've been steeped in the beauty of the Rensselaer County hill country since I was a child," she says.  She studied at Empire State College, New York Studio School, Pratt Graphic Arts Center and the New School.
Steven Ginsburg lives in Alabama and has exhibited throughout upstate New York.  He will be exhibiting paintings and drawings of figures and landscapes.  His work explores light, color and contour.  "When painted or drawn, the figure acquires a universality removed from the specificity of photographs," he says, while landscapes represent a specific time and place.  He studied drawing and painting at the University of Texas at Austin.
Horace Havemeyer III turned to painting recently after a successful career as the founder of Bellerophon Publications, the parent company of Metropolis, a widely read magazine on architecture and design, and Metropolis Books.  He studied watercolors at the Lyme Art Academy in Connecticut.  His subjects reflect his life-long interest in water, boating and landscape as well as the built environment.   
Gallery Hours:  Wednesday-Friday 11:30 pm-4:30 pm; Saturdays: 10:00 am-3:00 pm; and other times by appointment.  For more information, call 854-3406 or visit <> .

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