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She's the kind of person whom everyone calls their "best friend" and now she's edited a Fall & Winter recipe collection from Adirondack Life Magazine called Northern Comfort.   If - and chances are good - you count yourself among Annette Nielsen's "best friends" you already know this and know you'll be treated to a culinary masterwork.  If you only know OF her through her "sorry, we're already sold out"  Al Fresco Dinner for the historic Salem Courthouse each year, then you'll know that the same "buy local" protocol resonates throughout the book as well. 

BOOK SIGNING:  Northern Comfort includes 125 recipes from Adirondack Life Magazine and Annette includes ideas on how to prepare and shop (locally) for them for the not-so-foodie among us.   You can meet Annette and learn what all the fuss is about at 10am at Battenkill Books, 15 West Main Street, in Cambridge this Sunday, November 29.  From there she will lead everyone over to the Cambridge Farmers' Market in the neighboring Freight Yard to show us all how to find local ingredients, and then from there the entourage will continue over to the Rice Mansion Inn where she will present a tasting of two recipes from the cookbook. 

You don't want to miss this one.  This is a rare opportunity to meet someone who can really enrich your life through thoughtful and practical new approaches to preparing food.  And who knows?  You may make a new "best friend."  

Call it a "shop like a member" sale.  Normally, the Cambridge Co-op, which is open to the public, provides a 20% discount to its members; folks who donate a few hours of their time to man the counters and stock the shelves. 

But now, the Cambridge Food Co-op is moving.  That means you - the average non-member type person - can enjoy three days of savings as part of their countdown to the move - just like a member!  So, why go to Cambridge just to save 20% on stuff?  Why, the stuff, of course! 
The co-op carries a broad variety of delicious, natural, wholesome foods, wild fish, and pasture-raised beef as well as a wide selection of gluten-free products. They've got local organic produce and products like fresh goat, sheep and cow milk cheeses, Battenkill Valley Creamery milk, and fresh baked whole-grain breads, plus bulk items like whole grains, beans and seasonings to stretch your dollar even further.  There's also a variety of old-fashioned games (read: stocking stuffers) and artworks really have to experience it for yourself. 
Find the shop now at:  25 East Main Street, Cambridge NY
Sale hours are:
10:00 - 8:00p Thursday, November 5th
10:00 - 6:00p Friday & Saturday, November 6th & 7th .
The Cambridge Food Co-op will then be closed Sunday & Monday to relocate down the street.
New Location:
1 West Main Street - across from the Cambridge Hotel
Re- Opens on Tuesday, November 10th

Happy shopping (saving!) 

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