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CNN mentions Saratoga and Lake George as a must see!


Now I love NYC and the surrounding areas just as much as the next person but there are some really incredible places to visit in this beautiful state of ours. The other great thing about visiting these adorable small towns is that you can uncover some really cool and unique small businesses. CNN chose both Saratoga and Lake George as 2 out of the 5 places to see outside of the Hamptons (Umm duh! Us locals have known this for years ☺). What I loved about the article was that they specifically mention local food businesses for each location. Some of the local shout-outs included Putnam Market, Saratoga Peanut Butter Company, The Saratoga City Tavern and The Pink Roof located in Lake George. togapb.png pinkroof.jpg
Do you think they did our area justice or should they have chosen some other places to mention? Check out the article here.

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