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If I were married to Gillian Flynn, I might be concerned. Scratch that, I would absolutely be concerned. Well...let me just say that I might be very careful Gone Girl is not only a fantastic mystery that I was barely able to put down, it is also a portrait of a marriage. A very twisted, very troubled, and in many ways, a very normal marriage.

We've travelled a bumpy road this year at Book Bound. After consideration, I've decided that the best way to ensure that next year is smoother sailing, is to establish a monthly Novel Book Club post. 

I'm going to start out by selecting the first book for the first post, which will be in January. [With the holidays upon us and so much going on, I know many of us will be pressed for time to read a new book, but I'll put it out there.] 

When she accepted the teaching position a the Arcadia School in Arcadia Falls, New York, Meg Rosenthal just wanted to make a fresh start for herself and her daughter after the sudden death of her husband. In the process she learned more about the past and her own choices than she could ever have expected. 

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Melaina Phipps

After university and a lifetime love of reading and creative writing, it dawned on me that what I really wanted to "do" (in the way of responding to all those adults who ask you what you want to pursue after graduation) was read and talk about it. This prompted several more years of education pursuing an MA (University of Virginia) and then a PhD (University of Toronto) in Italian Literature. And while I soured on the concept of pursuing academic tenure, I was led in the right direction nonetheless as I discovered my interest in publishing.

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