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Mangino's Ristorante

149 Route 9P
Saratoga Springs , NY 12866
3.5 of 5 Stars Based on 7 Reviews 
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At Mangino's Ristorante, enjoy mouthwatering Italian cuisine and fine wines at their welcoming Saratoga Springs restaurant on the southern shores of Saratoga Lake. Family owned and operated for more than 60 years!

Mangino's is open 7 days a week! Open Sundays at noon, Monday-Saturday at 4:00. Step into our quaint European dining room with an ambiance that mimics genuine Italian décor, and you're immediately transported across the globe. Taste the best of Venice as you enjoy our variety of succulent entrées.  With a wide range of pasta, seafood and other dishes, they offer you the best in Italian cuisine at surprisingly affordable prices.

Piano music to accompany your meal on Fridays and Saturdays!

**They also specialize in banquets and private parties

Shrimp ala Mangino
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from Saratoga Springs, ny wrote on
I just want to thank a gentleman by the name of Richard. We were at a good friend memorial service and celebration of life and one of the manginos staff came over with a nice amount of delicious food. That was very thoughtful for you to do. I'm sorry I had a bad past experience at your resteraunt. Hopefully when I come to dine at your resteraunt again it will be a better one. I know we all have our bad days. See you in the future. Thank you again, that was very generous.
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from Saratoga Springs, ny wrote on
I always had a great meal and good service up until last night(father's day). The whole experience was terrible. We got there at 5pm and expected it to be busy and I didn't make reservations. Well, when we got there it wasn't really busy,they sat us quickly and right away we were told they were out of their famous chick peas but they did manage to make some and bring them out. Then we ordered our meals,no ranch dressing, no spaghetti, who runs out of spaghetti at a famous Italian restaurant??? The wait in between our salads to the meal was ridiculous. Then when the food came out it was luke warm,my dad ordered the calamari over pasta, omg ,wasn't fit for anyone to eat. Had zero flavor. We asked if he could just get spaghetti with sauce and meatballs and our waiter Colton offered to put sauce over the top of that garbage. Couldn't believe it. Then he told us they were out of spaghetti. So we opted for Angel hair. My friend ordered a 30 dollar plate of seafood pasta...lobster tails were the size of a medium shrimp and her scallops were clear in the middle, raw!!! My meal, the tortellini with basil sauce would have been great if it was warm..then I made the mistake and asked for parmesan cheese....another 15 min later and even colder food. So after all of this we decide we will get desert and coffee....it never happened. We sat waiting for the menus and coffee for another 20 min. At this time we all agreed to just get the check and get out of there. So I walk past the bar where the owner sat most of the evening, to the waiters station, where there was 5 staff including our very own Colton standing there and requested our check. He seemed dumbfounded. He came to our table with no check and asked if we still wanted our coffee. Wow!!! So now an even longer wait, we finally get the check. No Colton, so I go to the bar to ask if she could take our money. She was glad to help. Then I see who I thought could be the owner and asked if she was. She responded yes, and before I could give her a heads up as to what is going on, she cuts me off to tell me she realizes it was bad service, but a lot of the customers that came in didn't make reservations and they are understaffed and weren't prepared to be so busy. So I reminded her that it is father's day and I'm one the customers that didn't make a reservation and when we got there 2 and a half hours ago it wasn't busy. I told her I'm just trying to help her because she is losing money we wanted desert and coffees and now we are not getting any. She just proceeded to say that they were short handed and sorry, but it sure wasn't a heartfelt sorry. If this was the case then they should have told us this when we got there and gave us the option to chance it or go else where. I will never go there again. It's too bad because it's right next to my house and use to pop in from time to time with family and friends. I surely will be sharing my experience with everyone I know. She did nothing to try to make it right. I guess when your in the business for a long time you get burned out. It was like we were an inconvenience to them. I think it's time for her to get out of the business....Oh almost forgot about my dad's experience in the men's room, no hot water comes out of the faucet and the soap is the old school borax powder soap....all of these little things could be over looked, but when you go out and pay good money for good food and service and get none of the above, then you start seeing all the other flaws. Sad to say, I will never step foot in that place again.
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from Northville, NY wrote on
The food was good. A little pricey, but you get a full meal. The place really needs a facelift. The smell as you walk in the door is really awful. I can't really describe it ... musty, yukky, bad.
If you can get past that ... good meal.
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from Saratoga Springs, NY wrote on
Fantastic Food and Friendly Staff = Always Satisfied at Mangino's We went last night to enjoy some Calimari and Good Company. Never disappointed at this local ristorante.
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wrote on
The husband and i went the other nite and really enjoyed ourselves.
it was quiet and we were able to relax without all the hustle and bustle that you find in other places.
the people are friendly and the food was good.

so we will go back next week for our weekly night out....

if the fireplace was going i would have kicked off my heels and nestled in.

thank you for a wonderful evening.
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