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More Drugs Equals Better Health?


It seems each day we see another breakthrough medication released that will make us healthier, stronger, thinner, have better cholesterol, have less pain, and all around live healthier, more active lives. Do we really need more medications to be healthy? The commercials on television certainly tell us that. Before we run and get the new "wonder" drug, let's think logically about what our bodies need to move toward health and away from illness and disease.
Our bodies have certain needs that need to be met each and every day. We need to have proper movement, nutrition, and thoughts every day. Without these requirements we will not attain true health and well being. Seems logical, but do we really try to achieve this on a daily basis or do we choose alternative methods to meet this requirements. Let's look at an average person dealing with their current health situation.
Mrs. Jones isn't feeling well. She works each day and has children at home to attend to. Each day she wakes up at 7am, gets her kids to school, and rushes off to start her work day. When she gets done with her stressful day she returns home, cooks dinner, cleans up, and gets ready for the next day. She has no time to relax and decompress, it's on to the next day. Seems pretty average and I'm sure many of us can relate to this scenario. Now Mrs. Jones feels depressed, stressed, is overweight, tired all the time, gets headaches frequently, and gets back pain. She goes to the doctor and tells of her symptoms. The doctor proceeds to prescribe her blood pressure medication, cholesterol drugs, pain relievers, and anti-depressants. She now takes 3 different medications and "feels better". Is she really healthier? Is her body working better and moving toward health and well being? Will she live a longer, more active life because of the medication she is taking? Did the medications satisfy any of the daily requirements of moving, nutrition, or thoughts she needed? I contend they are not! Let's look at the same scenario with different recommendations.
Mrs. Jones isn't feeling well. She goes to her wellness doctor and tells of her symptoms, she's tired, depressed, gets headaches and pain. Looking from a wellness perspective, her doctor acknowledges the daily requirements her body needs each day and evaluates her current situation. He recommends she changes her diet. She needs to eat more real food (fresh fruits and vegetables), remove processed foods and sugars from her diet, and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. He also recommends she walks each night when she returns from work, twice around the block stretching before and after. Finally she is given the recommendation to spend 15 minutes of alone time, no distractions. During this time she can choose to pray, meditate, or just be quiet. Will these recommendations move her body toward health and well being? Will her new lifestyle activities help her live a healthier more active life? The answer is an astounding YES! Her daily requirements are being met and her body can thrive instead of just survive.
When dealing with your health and the health of your family, always think of what your body needs. It never needs more medications or drugs to work better. Look at what you're not giving your body first. More often than not, you're not meeting your daily requirements of movement, nutrition, and thoughts. When your body is lacking what it needs it moves away from wellness and toward illness. Being healthy isn't more complicated than that. It may not be the easiest way, but it is the only way to truly be healthy.
Get a wellness doctor on your health care team. They can coach you to make better choices so you can learn how to satisfy your body's daily requirements. Then you can truly reach your optimum health potential. Be Well!

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I always feel worse after I take medicine! I feel people around me are so used to taking drugs as a quick fix!

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