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thom filicia's lake escape

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With the weatherman calling for rain, this might not be the weekend to spend on the lake.  But if my lake house looked like Thom Filicia's I might not even complain about the weather..

8gasl_thom_filicia_13.jpg8gasl_thom_filicia_02.jpgSo maybe the wet weather would ruin any hopes of taking advantage of that fabulous view, but I could definitely handle cozying up to that fireplace instead..8gasl_thom_filicia_09.jpgEven better if I had a drink in hand..8gasl_thom_filicia_03.jpgOr perhaps I'd opt to bake a fresh batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies in the simple, yet very chic kitchen below..8thom_filicia_kitchen-728464.jpgBut then again, why not bring Thom Filicia's style into your own home?  Recreate his living room with some of these pieces from Mod Cloth, Target, CB2, Pfeifer Studio and more..
living roomtf.jpg
And how about his fabulous bar?  Try Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Horchow and Walmart to name a few.  Not to mention a trip to your local liquor store..

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