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I recently witnessed one of the more tedious, time consuming and frustrating events since we moved into our new home: My husband installed a chandelier in our family room which fortunately has cathedral ceilings yet unfortunately for him has cathedral ceilings. It took hours to get the chandelier based screwed in properly to hide all the wires and believe me as someone who helped a little it gets very hot up on a ladder in the summer!

The result: I owe him big time, the final result a new look to the room, a beautiful design change in our home and at minimal cost.

When I started thinking about this week's topic I decided on lighting, having been recently inspired by my purchase of a new chandelier I thought it would be a natural progression for my blog. So as I begin my research I kept being drawn towards chandeliers and more chandeliers and I quickly realized lighting is too general. Once I was able to focus on chandeliers I became more and more excited at the possibilities. So much so that I think I have room for one more in my house although I may have to hire a professional if I want to keep my husband sane.


This chandelier is similar to the one we installed although the jars are all clear but it is the same concept. We also put clear blubs into the jars which really adds to the look of it.

According to a Chandelier is a decorative hanging light with several branched parts on which are holders for candles or light bulbs. While we all agree this definition is accurate, I have discovered it only touches the surface of what is considered today to be a chandelier.

Many of us think of a chandelier as a formal piece and when we think of formal we usually think of our dining room. Although I agree with this concept I also think there are plenty of places throughout our homes to incorporate a beautiful chandelier, one that adds a new element to the room. The possibilities are endless.

For example a bathroom:
chand bathroom.jpg
















These just want to make me run home and put one in my bathroom!

drama white.jpg
















You can choose to fancy up an otherwise plain room with a chandelier or ...........


blue chand.jpg 

you could play down a room with a funky or creative piece.


funky chand.jpg

















cork chand.jpg



















Adding a chandelier to your bedroom is a great way to add your own personal touch to your room. All too often we just accept the light fixtures that come with a home. We rarely take the time to look up and see what is really going on. What do those standard light fixtures say about our sense of style?


blue black.jpg

This Black Candelier adds a dramatic touch.


whitebed chand.jpg

This Chandelier adds a soft and classic touch to this room. With such a beautiful brick wall it helps to draw the eye up.


white chand.jpg


The fixture in this room gives it the boost of fancy you could never get from an ordinary light fixture. You're able to go minimal on the accessories and bedding when you add a light like this!

Why not take our chandeliers outside? These are great examples of using a chandelier in a place we might not otherwise think of.


outside chand.jpg

This is my favorite.What a perfect place to add something different!

green house chand.jpg

















Of course we cannot forget about putting a chandelier over a table. Whether it be over a kitchen table or what these pictures show you how you can try something a bit different and get great results.


kitchen chand.jpg


grey white.jpg

The white light dropped over this rather plain table against the dark gray wall is a favorite of mine. It makes an impact without trying too hard.

I hope next time you are thinking of a cost effective way to change a room, look up and see what is coming out of your ceiling. Maybe it is time to change your fixtures. Many of us think in order to make an impact we have to spend big bucks. I know for a fact if you see something you like search on EBay like I did recently or Overstock and you'll be surprised to see what you can get for little money.

I found this one on Overstock for less than $80. This would look great in a bedroom or walk in closet.


 I hope I've given you some bright ideas, sorry I could help myself!

green chand.jpg

 Until Next time, Happy Designing!




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Kimberlee Billok
From humble beginnings redecorating my childhood bedroom every few months much to my mother’s chagrin, to years of life as a military spouse making short-term stops our own, to finding myself in Saratoga Springs in a 90-year-old home in need of lots of TLC, I have always enjoyed honing my home decorating and design skills in pursuit of making a house a home for the most important people in my world, my husband Mike and our three children. In pursuit of this goal/obsession I have put my undergraduate studio art studies to work, as well as the unofficial HGTV degree I’ve earned under the tutelage of Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder, Candace Olson, and the other pros who make us all feel as if we can create as they do. I’ve had the good fortune to have numerous colleagues, friends and family who have trusted me enough to allow me to design their spaces as well, and even redecorated the office of my children’s elementary school principal, which although intimidating, was quite a good time (think a juxtaposition of animal prints and sharpened pencils…luckily she loved it!).

Outside of the decorating/design realm I inhabit in my free time, I am fortunate to spend my days teaching 3 and 4 year old preschoolers here in Saratoga, who can’t help but inspire me to be creative on a regular basis. So since every part of life is an adventure, please join me on this one…combining form and function, design and real life, making each room feel beautiful, comfortable, classic, and personal. All wrapped up in a structure that has been in existence before the invention of spray paint (it’s true—I looked it up!). Here goes!!