Dog Days of Saratoga

And They're Off....

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The world famous Saratoga Race Course opened this past week for the 147th year, making it the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the United States. The city of Saratoga's population has swelled with people vacationing  and some coming to live for the entire racing meet. Amongst, the Socialites, TV Stars, and regular "JOES"..are the Jockeys and their families.

I got to meet Edgar Prado's wife Lilly, daughter Patty, and adorable doggies Missy & Barbaro. In case you were wondering, Barbaro was the namesake of the horse Edgar Prado rode to win the 2006 Kentucky Derby.  The colt went on to the Preakness, where it broke down & later passed away from laminitis.

Be sure to check back..I will be posting all the pup's that are "seen" around Saratoga!012.JPGoga!

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