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Beautiful stationery, the latest trends, the classiest classics, funky jewelry, unique items for your home and kitchen, cool bags, the latest toys for kids, make-up tips, the best dog products on the market, shoes {indulge your inner Carrie Bradshaw - a few of the stores now carry a nice selection of sandals, pumps and flats}, quality time with your favorite friends {it's so much more fun to shop with friends and it is for a good cause}, drinks, good food and GIVEAWAYS!!!

To recap how the event will flow...  First stop is PaperDolls of Saratoga, 80 Henry Street.  Drop off your donation for Franklin Community Center's M.O.M. program {diapers, wipes, formula, any essential baby staple suitable for a food pantry} and Sarah Keefe or I will give you your passport to savings {good only for May 13th, 2009} at some of the best shops Saratoga Springs has to offer.  For you serious shoppers, empty nesters, and singletons... Kick off is at 6 bells.  No need to leave work early to miss rush hour traffic, hurry the kiddies off the field or into bed because the stores will stay open until 9:00 p.m.  But, you do need enough time to shop, hit at least 6 out of the 18 stores, and get your punch card punched at each of your 6 stores in order to be eligible for GIVEAWAYS at the end of the evening...  Yes, Friends, I have more amazing giveaways to share with you.  You must be at Cantina, 430 Broadway by 9:15 {grab a drink and some food - you are going to need to re-fuel after all that shopping} when I will start announcing the first winner of the giveaway drawings.  Think spa treatments, summer dresses, funky totes, sassy panties, interior room re-design by a local and very talented interior designer, and much, much more!

Let the shopping begin!


Sooo looking forward to the big night out! Haven't benn able to fully exerience downtown alone in awhile months... Thanks to DTSB & all the local merchants for creating such a fun and worthwhile (support local businesses, help local charity and update some part of my life) event!

I am really excited for the first DTSB event! It's going to be a blast!!

Very psyched for this fun evening. What a fantastic idea DTSB!!!

I wish that I could be there! I know it will be a huge success.

Susan~ Good luck tonight. I really wish I could be there. This has been a lot of fun and I hope you do this again -- I will definitely make the next one!!!!!!!

It's going to be a blast - I've been looking so forward to my night on the town with DTSB for that much needed inspiration and lots of fun, too! Thanks for including me!

Susan...What a FUN night! Last night was really amazing1 I had a blast and all of the women I met were so so so so happy, excited and really looking forward to the NEXT Girls Night Out! You organized a fabulous event!!

Susie - it was a GREAT night that I shared with my two adult daughters, one of which was celebrating her birthday. We all enjoyed the extremely well organized event. The sales staff in the participating stores were having as much fun as the rest of us! Unfortunately, my night ended as soon as you started the giveaways, when I received a call from my husband that he was on his way to the Emergency Room with a possible broken wrist. All is well today, and I look forward to the next spectacular DTSB event, WITHOUT a run to the ER! Happy Summer.

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