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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny {Giveaway Wednesday!}


You work hard at the gym.  Faithful to your boot camp buddies, do your crunches, run 3x a week, yoga, pilates, kick boxing, tennis, and what about spin class?  Forget about it - you must lose 5 pounds with the amount you sweat.  For what?  Bathing suit season.  It's here, it's short, and it's time to flaunt your results.  The yellow polka dot bikini may not be your choice, so this weeks giveaway will help you choose the right suit for you...

Make a comment for your chance to win a $45.00 gift certificate to The Clothes Line.  They will help you in your quest for the best look to suit you this summer.

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I want it! It would give me incentive to keep doing my ab-work!

Bringin' sexy back! Love it!

I want to be 18 again!!!!

I think you would increase your hits if you post some photos of yourself in the yellow bikini

Fortunately yellow is not my color but would love a chance to actually find a suit in my color b/c then my thighs would not be soooo distracting...

Hey DTSB, and chance the burka is "in" this summer? I kid, I kid.... :-)

I will NEVER fit into that! (haha)

Cute suit - incentive to call my trainer again!!!

That suit is adorable!

Early birthday gift.

They call it mellow yellow!

I would love to check out this new store and get a new suit!

Where do I sign up for the free boob job??

Good incentive to stick with boot camp a little while longer!

And 2 and 3 and 4 and 5....come on ladies work it out! It's bathing suit season! Give me 8 more!

I'm so excited to be returning again to your great city for the summer. I love the shopping and also love to shop at the clothesline.

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