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saratoga-city-tavern.jpgOut on a Monday night!  How strange, how unexpected, how FUN!  The kids are away visiting their NH cousins so my husband and I have some flexibility this week.  We jumped into our week free of parental duties by a enjoying a summer night downtown.  Our first stop on a nice summer evening is the Saratoga City Tavern.  Known for it's 5 floors of diverse musical entertainment - the fifth floor is the place to be in the summer.  The roof top bar over looks the city and is the perfect place to enjoy a beverage as the sun sets.


Our next stop?  The Wine Bar.  We are truly fortunate to have this establishment in our town.  The quality, service and impeccable food rivals any 4 star NYC restaurant.  Having spent a fair time in NYC and our love of travel has allowed us to eat in many fine restaurants.  The Wine Bar's food and wine list delivers the taste and experience you would expect to get in a major metropolitan city.  We sat outside, drank some very good wine {I had a glass of white Italian - my husband a White Burgundy}, I had the scallops {delicious} and my husband had the tenderloin {highly recommend} and enjoyed an evening with the man I love in the city I love! 

Happy Birthday, Peter! 

The Staycation Continues....

{Giveaway Wednesday to return in 2 Weeks!}

Gourmet-Dad-2---Father's-Da.jpgHe likes to cook, you like picnics.  He cooks, you take the kids for the day while he is the master of his universe, or at least the kitchen.  He cooks, you clean {again}.  It's Father's Day.  Don't pull a Kate Gosselin {I'm nothing like her!} - let him have his fun.  Supply him with a Putnam Market gift card to get the hard-to find gourmet cheeses, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, meats, pastas, WINE, and so much more...  Then get him a great cooking tool {Le Creusent pots} or one of these very cool picnic essentials by Gourmet Getaway {wine carrier} or Picnic Time {picnic basket} from Compliments to the Chef {it is picnic season and you are due for an updated picnic tote - you'll - I mean - he'll love it!}.  Add some tickets to a SPAC event {he loves the ballet - right?} and you'll have another picnic to look forward to.  A Vineyard Vines seersucker button down along with some crisp new shorts from The Pink Paddock will give him that polished summer look you feel in love with.  Sounds like a win-win gift to me... 

  dogeared canvas bag.jpg Need I say more?  Sassy totes at Speck Boutique on Broadway.


Calling all Green Recessionista's!!!  You're going to love this book {and $10 price tag}.  Discounts at many of our local shops, restaurants, spas and farms.  Shop local, support area farms and save money.  Sounds like a good way to spend Earth Day to me!  Found in many of the local stores in town or check out their web site}



There is no better accessory than a free cone from the very socially and environmentally conscious ice cream company - Ben and Jerry's!!  We are sooo lucky to have one in town!  Enjoy!!


PS:  Don't forget about Giveaway Wednesday tomorrow and to RSVP for my May 13th Shopping Event!!!

putnam-cupcakes.jpgThat pretty much sums up the week end!  Lake Avenue Elementary School put on their fourth annual Drama Club show.  This year's production was called "Curtain Call".  Thanks to some very dedicated and talented moms {oh and patient too!} the show was a success.  Bravo to the directors and all the kids {121 in total} who did an amazing job acting, singing, and dancing their hearts out.  The audience adored you!  You left us wondering what next year will bring...  The show was set in George Crum {Saratogian inventor of the Potato chip} Middle School.  Go chips!  The musical wrapped up on Saturday.  We had aspiring actors to celebrate and a couple of birthdays too.  We went home, fired up the grill, enjoyed the 70 degree weather and finished off the celebration with mouthwatering cupcakes which were appropriately topped off with a chocolate covered potato chip {who doesn't love that salty-sweet pairing?} from Putnam Market {435 Broadway}.

Have a sweet week!

check list {eats & gifts}


Beverly's Cookbook tree-keychain.jpg

Ponytail Holders

Santa GourdsTree up and house decorated, check. Christmas cards out, check. Presents bought and wrapped, check. OK - let's be honest, I have a wreath that won't stay up, a few cards lingering that I need addresses for, and a few last minute gifts to get and wrap. Oh yeah, and a bowl of cookie dough in the fridge - can't check "make cookies for Santa" off the list yet.


The girls and I made our favorite cut out cookie dough last night from the Beverly's Best cookbook (the restaurant is located on Phila Street and is one of the best brunch places in town - looove their blueberry pancakes). The dough has to go in the refrigerator for at least an hour before it can be rolled and cut. It got too late last night (still on the to do list - ahhh) to finish, so must check that off this morning. This allowed me some time to browse Etsy on line while the girls slept. I found these locally handmade holiday gift ideas. They are whimsical, unique and they are made by local artist. My gift to you last minute gift seekers that want something a little different.

Ho Ho Ho.....

{Beverly's Best Cook Book at Beverly's 47 Phila Street, Tree Key chain at Etsy by Miesmama, Santa and Mrs. Clause pony tail holders at Etsy by Three Dancing Magpies, and Santa Clause mini gourd ornaments at Etsy by PulpArt}

Crepes at RavenousCrepes and pomme frites after church at Ravenous 21 Phila Street.

Santa on BroadwayAnticipating Santa's arrival.
Give him your wish list on Wednesday December 3rd, 7:00 p.m. when he arrives at his home on Broadway (directly across from Caroline Street).

Window at G. Williker's Toy Shop in SaratogaG. Willikers window.
In keeping with my euro day - this store never disappoints. Wooden toys, games, dolls, puzzles from Europe, train sets, trucks, stuffed animals, beautiful dolls and accessories, animal figures, tea sets, jewelry boxes (can you tell I have girls), model cars, animal figurines and much much more. If you are looking for a shopping experience that will leave you feeling like you are giving a unique high quality gift as well as a toy that will last a life time - it's worth a stop here for your little ones.

Mrs. London's Bakery on Broadway Saratoga SpringsAfter strolling Broadway enjoying the real first snow fall of the season and the Christmas decorations, I treated my daughter (and myself) to a hot drink and an irresistible french pastry at Mrs. London's 464 Broadway. A taste (a delicious one at that) of Paris on Broadway.

Hot Cafe at Mrs. LondonsCafe et chocolat chaud.

Joyeux Noel!

Cotton Candy at Circus Cafe

Blue Cotton Candy....birthday parties, visits from cousins, days off from school, and a heaping plate of cotton candy with sprinkles on top!

The Circus Cafe' 392 Broadway is a great choice for families. They offer coloring for the kids, a childrens menu, covered kiddie cups (we all know how important that is), and yeeessss, good wine (and we really know how important that is!).

Mom and Dad can actually carry on a conversation, have a very adult and delicious dinner (I especially like the comfort food selections) while the kids are busy coloring, eating the popcorn they bring before you order and checking out the cool Big Top decor. Think retro Barnum & Bailey.

Check it out and satisfy your kids and your inner child!

Oh, and for you singletons.... It transforms into a hip bar scene at night - it's Saratoga's taste of the French Quarter with live music (jazz, or rock or Karaoke - depending on the night), and hip drinks. Cheers to Christel and Colin MacLean who have savvy restaurant style and satisfy so many!

Why it's OK to be 40


Birthday Cake1.) A loving, supportive, incredibly generous, devout and handsome husband.

2.) 3 beautiful girls who dressed their best just to make me happy for my celebration and their beautifully homemade cards and poster.

3.) Sisters (& Mike!)

4.) Nieces who could make it, brothers who couldn't but sent their love, flowers, a special dinner and cards.

4.) Surprises

5.) Old friends

6.) New friends

7.) Champagne

8.) Candice and Crew at the Prime Restaurant at Saratoga National (458 Union Ave) who made the evening elegant, relaxing and fun. The food was delicious and the atmosphere perfect! The fireplace was roaring, big cozy chairs in the bar, a small back room to ourselves with impeccable service. The Sea Bass was mouth watering and you should have seen the size of the steaks! Cooked to perfection. Everyone was happy!

9.) Great dresses at Violet's that made picking one very hard to do but I managed! You really should go check it out - think of all the Holiday parties coming up!

10.) New opportunities through DownTownSusieBrown.

I also have to thank my Mom. Who through her faith and love of family had her 8th baby at 42 and allowed me to follow all my dreams to become who I am today. I love you!

The Count Down to 40....


IMG_0244.jpgOne week and counting until the big day.
In the last month I relived my high school days with the "cool chicks of '86" (it was high school - what can I say?), went back to my husband's college and attempted to fathom that college was 20 years ago! Visited NYC - where I spent my 20's and where so much of who I am was molded. Well, it's time to put those times behind me and embrace the 40's. But, before I do so - I need to look fabulous!! I'm ready mentally - but it's time to get there physically! Gym classes to suffer through, nails to be done, facials, eye-brow's to be waxed, and of course a great outfit to be found! Lot's to do - but I'm sure I'll be able to get it all done downtown!
(above glasses found at the loose-caboose at Saratoga Shoe Depot. Painting on the base done at Creative Sparks on Phila Street)

Carved Pumpkin Fall Table ScapeThat pretty much sums up my evening.
All right, all right - I'll come clean... There was also pick up at the bus stop, ballet lessons, haircuts, math tests, homework, reading, going through paperwork, dishes, prayers, good night kisses and here I am.... whew! We do fit in a lot from 3:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. Thanks to people like Cindy Shaw from What's Cooking, 518-495-0053, personal chef service, she takes the stress of cooking a home cooked meal off our to do list. I happened to have this Butternut Squash Soup left over in the freezer from a dinner party Cindy catered a few weeks ago. It was delicious and perfect on a cold Fall evening. Cindy will cater your party - large or small (I've done both) or she can add you to her personal chef service. She sends out an e-mail each week with that weeks menu and will deliver it straight to your house complete with directions on how to reheat your gourmet meal. She delivers once a week, $14.00/portion.
Bon Appetite!

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