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Farrah_Fawcett_iconic_pinup_1976.jpgShe was such a P.Y.T.

As troubled as they may have became in life - they left their mark with their talent and style.  No one will ever forget the "Farrah" hair of the 70's or Michael's glove, red leather jacket or moon walk of the 80's.

This week's giveaway winner is....


 "I would love to check out this new store and get a new suit!"


Have a great weekend everyone...  I have the urge to go to Vapor or Mare to dance to some 70's and 80's music!  Anyone else??? 

{Sorry for the late post... need to get used to the summer schedule - or lack thereof!}




You work hard at the gym.  Faithful to your boot camp buddies, do your crunches, run 3x a week, yoga, pilates, kick boxing, tennis, and what about spin class?  Forget about it - you must lose 5 pounds with the amount you sweat.  For what?  Bathing suit season.  It's here, it's short, and it's time to flaunt your results.  The yellow polka dot bikini may not be your choice, so this weeks giveaway will help you choose the right suit for you...

Make a comment for your chance to win a $45.00 gift certificate to The Clothes Line.  They will help you in your quest for the best look to suit you this summer.

Make a comment to enter to win!


Balet-Sp-09.jpg peonies-from-Balet.jpgI leave you this week with some shots from Balet Flowers and Design {how brilliant are those peonies?  I just can't get enough}.  I've been a big fan of Balet for some time. Suzanne and her team have a great love for horticulture and it shows. Their bouquets at the Farmers Market are gorgeous and their greenhouse {5041 Nelson Ave Ext, Malta NY} has a bounty of beautiful blooms awaiting your next landscaping project!  Their enthusiasm is contagious {even for a novice like me}.  They are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful - they truly want the best for you and your garden.  Treat yourself to trip out of the rain and into a floral oasis.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there {a special one to Peter - who is a wonderful father and husband}.  Have a great weekend.  The sun will come out again soon {I hope!}.

This week's giveaway winner is....


 "I adore the lost art of correspondence!" 



IMG_0273_edited-1.jpg IMG_0283.jpg

I love the wrap dress.  Erin went out of her comfort zone with this dress and has had amazing results!  She looks sexy and confident!  The wrap style plays up her girly figure in a very sophisticated way.  Spanx and Fashion Tape is a girl's best kept secret for keeping things where they need to be.

I wanted to play up the color because it's all about color this season {especially orange and bright yellow}.  I used the same blue peep toe wedges from the shop your closet post to play up the blue in the dress, but added an orange clutch, chunky necklace and fun flower cocktail ring to add pop!  Take risks and have fun with color - it isn't always about matching.

{Dress from Frivolous, Necklace and clutch from 80 West, Spanx and Fashion Tape can be found at Frivolous}


In Erin's Words....
"Thank you so much Susan!  Who knew shopping could be so much fun!  I love how we went through my closet first and decided which things work for me and then got rid of things that did not.  And then to the shopping!  I can truthfully say I did not expect to find much downtown to fit me .... but Susan knows what she is doing.  It was great to shop with Susan because she knows the stores and store owners so well.  These people are great!  So helpful and not scary at all!!!  
 I love all my new clothes ~ they are so comfortable and mix with all my clothes I already own.  When we were going through my closet Susan was surprised at the clothes and accessories I already had but never wear...Susan then asked me, "What are you waiting for?"  Well, I am not waiting any longer.  I have been stepping it up and wearing my cool jewelry and hats. Why not?    I have a great life and now I can look good while I am enjoying it!
Thanks to Maria for my great hair, I love it!  Much appreciation to Amy and Mary at Spa Cascada..  I love my make up and brows! Thanks to all who came to my big reveal and donated so generously to the Franklin Community Center food pantry".
Erin and her husband Mike, through their party raised $900.00 and donated two boxes full of much needed non-perishable food items to Franklin Community Center. Erin is truly beautiful inside and out!
A special thanks to Kim Purdy for taking all the pictures!!!
The winner of this week's giveaway and the start of an enhancement of their own is...
Her comment was... "My daughter Alice {referring to my grey roots} said "Mom - it looks like someone dropped a powdered doughnut on your head"!

Enjoy SaratogaArtsFest this week end!! 

 See you next week when we will celebrate DAD! 

 {pictures by Kim Purdy}

erins-blow-dry.jpg erin-hair-curled.jpg make-up-at-spa-cascada.jpg blinc-mascara.jpg

I hate to give away all Erin's secret's {and mine}, but then again, that is why I'm here!

Secret #1 - Maria Brower.  Amazing hairstylist.  I've been using her for years, so this is the hardest one to divulge...  A former New Yorker who takes beauty and style seriously {now you know why I love her}, but the best part is she wants YOU to be happy.  She sits with you to discuss lifestyle and how much time you can realistically spend on your daily hair routine {ponytail not included}.  She spent years working for Redken selling their products to salons, but always kept her hands in hair - her first love {sorry Chuck}.  She knows product and how to execute the best current cuts and colors.  Interested?  E-mail me and I'll get you set up!  Pass it on... 

Secret #2 Spa Cascada.  OK - I haven't been so good at keeping Amy and her hacienda style spa a secret.  It's made a few posts here and my spirit has been rehydrated there plenty of times.  Amy and her dedication to her craft continues to be an inspiration to me.  Her eyebrow designs, skin care treatments, facials, and makeup knowledge has enhanced many Saratogians.  Add Erin to that growing list.    

Secret #3 - You can experience some enhancement for yourself.  This week's giveaway is a free hair consultation from Maria with a complimentary Redken Shade's EQ Conditioning Crystal Clear Glaze treatment {I've had a few and love them!}.  As Maria says, "this will give the winner exceptional shine and condition without any color change to the hair.  It's ammonia free {gentle to the hair}, acid balanced, and fortified with wheat amino acids".  What's this mean to you?  A better conditioned, full of body, shiny mane!

I'm not done yet.....  the second part of this brilliant giveaway is a free make up consultation with Amy at Spa Cascada.  Amy will discuss make up trends with you, check out your skin, apply a little Glo Minerals and fill you in on what colors work best for you.  Another secret you will walk away with - Blinc Mascara.  The newest {and greatest} mascara on the market.  You'll be ahead of your friends by "tubing" your lashes instead of the passe way of painting them!

Free hair consultation, hair glaze treatment, make up consultation and the newest mascara on the market - you will be on your way to the enhancement you always dreamed of!  Make a comment on this post to make that dream come true!  Winner announced on Friday!  Good Luck! 



Who:  I'm not that easy {see below}

What: Kissable Sun Protected Lips by KaplanMD

Where: The ever hip and cool DTSB {thanks to the Sanctuary Spa}

When: Today.... But you are ALWAYS a winner in my eyes...

And the winner is......................

Dora "Spa me up!" 

{please email me at to receive your giveaway!}

  Grab your sunscreen & sneakers and come out for the Cantina Fun Run Sunday Morning to benefit Saratoga Hospital's Emergency Department!!!

Have a great week end!!!


Known as the Spa City - we take our spa's seriously.  It's our history.  It's part of who we are.  One spa that doesn't mess around is Sanctuary Spa {72 Railroad Place}.  The minute you enter you know you are some place special.  The sophisticated and soothing atmosphere allows you to start to decompress and wipe the stress away.  {What job? What kids? What wedding plans?}

Treat yourself to one of MiMi Roy's Signature Mani/Pedi's {complete with a sugar scrub and paraffin treatment} and you'll quickly turn off the Blackberry and relaaaaaaax....  MiMi is an amazing nail technician who takes pride in her craft, but her talents don't end there.  She has a classical music background {you can find her songs on itunes}.  If you are lucky, she'll break out a little song while your tootsies are made sandal ready.  She'll lull you with a sweet tune and the message chair calm your tight muscles.  You will never want to leave...

So don't!  Slip on a pair of Oka b. flip flops and head back to the relaxation room.  Sip on some water {add some Pure Inventions for a healthy boost}, or Tea forte tea.  Nibble on some nuts and fruit.  Embrace turning off the stress.

Next try a Signature Spa Facial.  75 minutes of pure bliss....  It's all natural using Jurlique {so natural and pure the company runs it's own farm to source it's ingredients to ensure purity} and Yonka products.  The aromas of citrus are so pleasant.  Combine all this with a with a scalp, arms, hands and feet message and you are reduced to a puddle

Wake Up!!  

Duty calls....  The boss is wondering where you disappeared to {is that possible in this PDA era???}.  The kids will be off the bus soon.  The dreaded table assignments for the wedding.... 

Just say... Spaaaaaahhhhhh.............

Before you leave don't forget to get your SPF for you face and lips.  Now you are ready for the SUN and whatever else life throws at you.

This week's giveaway...  KaplanMD Lip 20 Treatment {pictured above}... "the first complete, dermatologist formulated lip treatment created to moisturize, contour, plump, and protect".  The 3 colors - sheer ruby, sheer berry shine and natural shine add just enough color to give your lips a nice glossy glow.  

Make a comment on this post for your chance at this week's giveaway!  Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday!!!

Let's say it together....




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