Eco Local Guide
By Amy L. Stock
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"Ooh I love their apple pie!"
 "They make the best fresh cider!"
 "You have to try their breakfast - it's great."
Mention the name Lakeside Farms to someone in Saratoga County and these are the kind of responses you're likely to get.  Started in 1948, Lakeside Farms has been a mainstay in the Saratoga and Schenectady region for fresh apple cider, vegetables, baked goods, or a fresh homemade breakfast or lunch.  
Rob Pearce and his brother, both from Schenectady, started this fourth-generation family business as "a means to make a little extra money on the side" said Dick Pearce (Rob's son).  The brothers bought the Ballston Lake farm for its old barn and cider press, with the intention of making and selling fresh cider.
After a year in business, Rob Pearce, who held a full time job with General Electric, offered the business to his son Dick Pearce.  Dick Pearce said yes, and has been running the Lakeside since he was a junior in High School, and taken it through its various transitions and expansions.  
Said Pearce, "My father offered me the place to run.  I decided I was up for the challenge, and I've been doing this ever since."  That's of course with a break while he served in the Army.  After which he returned and continued to operate the farm with his mother Agnes, until the early 1970's when she passed away.  


                             JT BAKER (DEFENDING CHAMPION)


Two exceptional local chefs are coming for this exciting cook-off using all market product.  They will be judged by Rocco Verrigini (Chef, Slow Food President and faculty at SCCC; Annette Neilson (Food Editor & Local Food Promoter), Christopher Tanner (chef and faculty at SCCC)



EMCEE FOR EVENT:  STEVE BARNES (food editor for the Times Union)

Schuylerville corn maze uses 7-acre canvas to raise environmental awareness


Schuylerville, NY, August 20, 2010: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Go-Green, sustainable energy, climate change, global warming; these are all terms that each of us have heard almost daily in our personal lives. They are not just the latest buzz words or phrases, but they are all part of a larger movement that affects us all one way or another. We all have an opportunity to take part in this movement; it may be just as simple as turning off a light when you leave the room, changing over to electronic billing instead of paper, or buying from your local farm stand instead of heading miles further to the grocery store. Jerry Macica, of Schuyler Farms Corn Maze, points out "Going Green" has become a lifestyle for more and more people and Mother Nature surely appreciates it. But he is also quick to point out for the skeptics that there are personal benefits to "going green". Reduced energy bills, healthier food choices, improved health, or even having extra change in your pocket.

It is the final stretch for horse racing in the Spa City, AND it's also the final days of voting for "America's Favorite Farmers' Market"! This national contest is sponsored by American Farmland Trust ( and voting ends on Saturday, August 31. Our very own Saratoga Farmers' Market is in a close three way dual for first in the medium size division of the 4-category contest. It's NY vs Delaware and Virginia. It's Spa City vs the beach town of Lewis, DE and suburban Falls Church, VA. The odds makers might have us losing by a vote or two, but New Yorkers love the underdog, so lets show it and vote for our own Saratoga Farmers' Market!

A perspective by Mary Cae Asay
Co-owner, Saratoga Downtowner Motel

I was honored to participate in Saratoga Arts Fest this past weekend. For those of you who missed the experience, Center Stage was a 'happenin' place' with marvelous productions that happened Fri. and Sat. in the hub of downtown Saratoga. I was asked to offer up my parking lot at the Saratoga Downtowner for this element of this event. However, the broad representation of so many art forms throughout our wonderful, fair city was far more in number than what happened at my location.

Fifty years ago there were 1,800 farms in Saratoga County... today 641 farms (one-third as many) are in operation. Because fewer people are directly involved in farming, not many have the opportunity to experience agriculture first-hand and understand how the food we eat (and some of the fiber we wear) is produced. The Saratoga County Agricultural Promotion Committee decided to provide that critical link between the farming community and the public-at-large and hold an open house at a different farm each year for area residents to visit a real working farm, learn about local agriculture, and realize the importance of a viable agricultural industry in Saratoga County.

Saratoga Springs: Saturday, May 1st marks the opening of the 32nd  Saratoga Farmers' Market summer season under the pavilions on High Rock Avenue. On hand to assist with will be NYS Commissioner of Agriculture Patrick Hooker, Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension Executive Director Bill Schwerd, and CCE Agriculture Economic Development Extension Educator for Saratoga and Washington Counties Paula Schafer. Special activities at the market on opening day in addition to live music,  will be a station where children will be able to turn a paper plate into their favorite flower. Adults and children are encouraged to wear a hat when they attend the first summer season market, the wilder the better! This show of hats will add to the festive spirit of opening day and it will also demonstrate the wearer's support for a variety of causes, including: the Farmers' Market, May Day, the Kentucky Derby and/or support for racing in Saratoga Springs. From May through October the market will be open from 9am to 1pm on Saturday and from 3pm to 6pm on Wednesday.

The Saratoga Farmers' Market, the area's longest running farmers' market is comprised of local vendors who must grow or produce what they sell. Customers are treated to the freshest produce as it is harvested in season. The use of green houses by some producers allows variety year round, fooling Mother Nature. At the opening day market look for fresh spinach, mesclun, arugula, ramps, herbs, hydroponic tomatoes and fiddleheads. Apples beets, carrots, potatoes, and celeriac will also be available along with a variety of bedding plants, and the abundance will continue to expand as the growing season gets underway in the growers' well tended fields. Also available will be dairy products including milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese, plus baked goods, meats and eggs. Some farms are now creating delectable "heat and eat" entrees made from their products. Other items for sale include, but are not limited to: be soap, jam, honey, pottery, and mushrooms.

(Albany, NY) - The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), YNN (Your News Now) and PYX 106 invite the public to wear green on Earth Day, April 22nd and ride free on CDTA.  This free ride promotion extends to people who use CDTA's regular route, NX Northway Commuter and STAR paratransit services.  Customers must show their green wear to operators upon boarding to receive a free ride. and GREEN CONSCIENCE Home & Garden are holding a  a FREE presentation on organic vegetable gardening!
Topics Covered:

  • Raised beds
  • Companion planting
  • Using Heirloom
  • Seed Seed Saving
  • Attracting Beneficials
  • Composting

Urbavores is a local organic vegetable gardening business, whose mission is to help people lower their ecological footprints and eat the freshest organic produce by growing it in their backyards. Come learn about the many benefits to growing your own food and many useful organic gardening techniques. A vegetable garden can offer you aesthetic beauty, wonderful learning experiences and the most delicious and healthy food around! Don't let one more season pass you by.

Wednesday, April 14th 2010
6:30 PM
33 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

This Week's Warm Temperatures Generate First Sap Flows of Season

sap buckets1.JPG
The 2010 Maple Sugaring Season began last week in the Upper Hudson region, with warmer temperatures generating sap flow in area maple trees.  The season is off to a very strong start.
"This is what we wait for all year.  The sap was running hard last week, kicking off a new maple season," said David Campbell, a Salem producer and president of the Upper Hudson Maple Producers Association. 
Sugarmakers are reporting excellent quality syrup.  Ideal sugar making temperatures are forecast for the next several days.
Meanwhile, sugarmakers are preparing for the fifteenth annual Maple Open House Weekend, expanded this year to two weekends, March 20-21 and March 27-28.
A ceremonial first tree tapping with State Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker will be held at Dry Brook Sugarhouse in Salem at 12:30 p.m. Friday, March 19.
This year, there are more sugarhouses than ever participating in the self-guided tour. 
For a complete listing of sugarhouses and a guide map, click on
Prime sap flow temperatures are 40 degrees or more during the day and below freezing at night.  Maple season generally runs through early April. 
The Upper Hudson region is among the biggest syrup producing regions in the country.

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