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Chef Dave Pedinotti of The Mouzon House recommends this great early summer Salad.  It brings together the two best flavors of the season - Strawberries and Arugula.  The Mouzon House on High Rock Ave., is just up the street from the Saratoga Farmers Market, so Chef Pedinotti can simply walk down to the market and get the freshest ingredients for his entrees.  Talk about eco-Local!



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Based on the large attendance to yesterday's Saratoga County "Sundae at the Farm" event, it appears that farmers are the new rock stars. The road leading to the Koval Farm in the Town of Stillwater was lined with cars, and a field turned parking lot was jam packed as well.  People came far and wide, not to hear music, but for a chance to see a working farm up close and personal.

Fifty years ago there were 1,800 farms in Saratoga County... today 641 farms (one-third as many) are in operation. Because fewer people are directly involved in farming, not many have the opportunity to experience agriculture first-hand and understand how the food we eat (and some of the fiber we wear) is produced. The Saratoga County Agricultural Promotion Committee decided to provide that critical link between the farming community and the public-at-large and hold an open house at a different farm each year for area residents to visit a real working farm, learn about local agriculture, and realize the importance of a viable agricultural industry in Saratoga County.

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