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Grow your own Organic Vegetable Gardens

user-pic and GREEN CONSCIENCE Home & Garden are holding a  a FREE presentation on organic vegetable gardening!
Topics Covered:

  • Raised beds
  • Companion planting
  • Using Heirloom
  • Seed Seed Saving
  • Attracting Beneficials
  • Composting

Urbavores is a local organic vegetable gardening business, whose mission is to help people lower their ecological footprints and eat the freshest organic produce by growing it in their backyards. Come learn about the many benefits to growing your own food and many useful organic gardening techniques. A vegetable garden can offer you aesthetic beauty, wonderful learning experiences and the most delicious and healthy food around! Don't let one more season pass you by.

Wednesday, April 14th 2010
6:30 PM
33 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

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