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By Amy L. Stock
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"Ooh I love their apple pie!"
 "They make the best fresh cider!"
 "You have to try their breakfast - it's great."
Mention the name Lakeside Farms to someone in Saratoga County and these are the kind of responses you're likely to get.  Started in 1948, Lakeside Farms has been a mainstay in the Saratoga and Schenectady region for fresh apple cider, vegetables, baked goods, or a fresh homemade breakfast or lunch.  
Rob Pearce and his brother, both from Schenectady, started this fourth-generation family business as "a means to make a little extra money on the side" said Dick Pearce (Rob's son).  The brothers bought the Ballston Lake farm for its old barn and cider press, with the intention of making and selling fresh cider.
After a year in business, Rob Pearce, who held a full time job with General Electric, offered the business to his son Dick Pearce.  Dick Pearce said yes, and has been running the Lakeside since he was a junior in High School, and taken it through its various transitions and expansions.  
Said Pearce, "My father offered me the place to run.  I decided I was up for the challenge, and I've been doing this ever since."  That's of course with a break while he served in the Army.  After which he returned and continued to operate the farm with his mother Agnes, until the early 1970's when she passed away.  

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