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When searching for a job, most people focus on those who they know, for example personal and professionals contacts.  Using friends, family members and former co-workers or business associates is good, but don't forget to think about those people who know you.  These could be former clients, customers, association members, community service volunteers, classmates or teachers.  These people may have idea's or be able to open doors to your next job!

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Michael Baxter

Michael Baxter is a native of the Saratoga/Glens Falls region. He is a third generation manager of the family business Heber Associates, Inc. Heber Associates, Inc. is a provider of Staffing Solutions since 1961. Michael earned his Bachelors Degree from Florida State University. He has been mentored by his grandmother (Antoinette Heber) in the employment field for more than eight years. Michael Baxter has a detail oriented mentality which allows him to track trends and offer informative discussions. It's his business to know what is going on in the human resources industry in Northeast New York.