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Math, Music and Horses

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What in the world do math, music and horses have in common? A few words that come to mind are rhythm, footfalls, drill teams, dressage, number of strides, timing, counting...

I get goose bumps watching dressage riders and their steeds dancing to music. It flows, they are one. Each step matches each beat of music.

A musician feels so much emotion when everything comes together. Someone once told me that professional musicians are out of tune all the time. I thought really? The difference between professionals and dabblers is that pros know how to adjust quickly prior to being noticed.

Accountants and mathematicians feel great when everything balances or when they have figured out an equation that took a lot of practice.

Feeling beats, being in perfect balance with your horse and counting seem to be much different than managing your cash flow. However, I would argue they are different forms of the same breed. Every great businessperson, accountant, symphony conductor, horse trainer and dressage rider each want the same things. That is balance and synchronization. Does one person do this alone? Absolutely not! Does any racehorse win by themselves? No, they have a team of trainers, riders, owners, jockeys and even accountants making sure everything comes together.

Imagine you are in a tie for Grand Champion and the judge asks you to show him in two minutes why you are the grand champion. They give you very little time to think about it. You go out there and your horse just carries you. All you do is think what you want and he knows what to do. He even gives a bow at the end just because. The announcer says you won. It is the most empowering moment of your life.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Seek people and horses who complement you. "May all your endeavors-relationship, business and equine-related-be Grand Champion rides!"

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Becky Smith has a rich background in music, business, accounting and equestrian studies—just some of the experiences and interests that she brings to the table in her role as blogger here on Her passionate love for all equines has drawn her close to the species, in an intuitive way that helps her truly understand the horses she encounters in her various volunteer and professional efforts. Her passion started at a young age when she relished jumping vegetable crates with her stick horse on the front lawn of her family’s farm. It wasn't long before she graduated to riding a real, live horse named Candy Lane. From there she moved up to showing her pony, Flash and horse, Karib. Becky is fascinated with all aspects of the horse world. She has experience with western, English, jumping, dressage, Centered Riding and gymkhana—and every day discovers new disciplines and breeds, adding to her storehouse of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Becky has worked in accounting for over 10 years, and envisions growing her business, Equiccount, to serve and advise those who, like herself, love horses—but who may not have her business acumen. Her connection to the horse and understanding of horse people sets Equiccount and Becky apart from other business advisors who may not get the spirit of equine business with as much depth. Many accountants love accounting. All horse people love horses. Becky feels passionately about both, and so brings fresh insight to the intersection where the two worlds meet. Her blog will help readers grow their own equine businesses, while gaining knowledge of basic business and accounting principles as taught from a compassionate standpoint. In other words, she gets it that readers may be bored to tears by the nuts and bolts of accounting and business. And that's OK, too: as long as she gets it, advisees can hand the reins to her and know that they'll get a smooth ride, and clear every obstacle on the course.