Lecture: "Wreck of the Medusa: Saga of an Infamous Sea Disaster"

When: Event has passed. Watch this page for updates.
Where: Palamountain Hall Gannett Audirorium

Please join Art History and Geosciences in welcoming underwater optics expert, underwater photographer, and research scientist, and entrepreneur, Dr. Charles Mazel, for an exciting interdisciplinary lecture titled "Wreck of the Medusa: Saga of an Infamous Sea Disaster" Mazel's talk recounts three stories: the events of the infamous 1816 shipwreck off the coast of Mauritania in East Africa, including its causes and political aftermath in France; how French Romantic artist Theodore Gericault came to paint his masterwork depicting the disaster, Raft of the Medusa, currently on display in the Louvre; and Mazel's personal account of adventures and technology used in the French underwater archaeological expedition to locate the Medusa's sunken remains. We hope that this rollicking tale of ineptitude, cannibalism, art, political upheaval, and underwater archaeology will bring together folks with interests that span the humanites, arts, and sciences. Reception to follow.

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