Sonagi Project - Korean Percussion Quintet

When: Event has passed. Watch this page for updates.
Where: Arthur Zankel Music Center Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall

Sonagi Project is a group of five young musicians, based on Korean traditional music, creating a modern and original performance linked with the shamanic ceremonies of the peninsula seen with contemporary eyes. Concerts are usually built around Jang-Gu (two-heads drums), gongs and Pansori (traditional way to sing in the animist chants), performed with an assumed liberty regarding the musical techniques and the forms of the ancient rhythms. This liberty creates a strong relation with the original emotion of the tradition and the energy of the contemporary arts. Their creative approach to give to those traditional instruments a movement of renewal has highly impressed the music network in Korea, and since 2008 world premiere ?Barame Soop ? the forest of wind,? Sonagi Project is considered as one of the leading unit of the new generation of musicians.

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