Fall Fashion Guide 2016

Fall Fashion in Saratoga

As summer fades into the past, it’s time to look forward into autumn! Have you put together your fall fashion shopping list yet?


fur coat
If you love donning that rich fur coat, now is the time! Fur is in style this season, so get stylish and comfy as you protect yourself from that chilly Saratoga fall breeze.

Chunky Boots

black boots with chunky heel
Feel like you're going to fall over in your skinny heels? Grab a pair of chunky heeled boots on your next Saratoga shopping trip. They're more stable, they're cute, and they're in.


navy velvet dress
Velvet is considered to be one of the hottest fashion trends for 2016. From dresses to blazers to pantsuits, you can easily incorporate this fun material into your every day wear. Just remember, don't go overboard - one piece of velvet clothing per outfit.


dark gray beaded choker necklace on woman's neck
Chokers are back! This cute necklace is perfect to pair with an otherwise simple, laid back outfit as a statement piece, or you can pair it with your longer necklaces for a fun layered look.

Floral Prints

navy blouse with dark pink and light pink floral pattern
Florals aren't always in fashion, but this year, they are! Rock out your floral print items you've been hiding in the back of the closet for a nice switch from solid colors. Small, yet bold floral patterns are showing up on blouses, skirts, dresses, and more.

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