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Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Halloween. That magical night where you can be anything you want, with a great costume and a little confidence. Just remember to be sexy, not trashy.

Stumped for ideas? Don't want to be the French maid or nurse? We’ve got you covered - or maybe not so much - with the sexy Halloween costumes below.

1. Cleopatra:
What’s sexier than the queen of seduction herself? Think white and gold, shimmering fabrics, lots of bangles, and of course, eyeliner! Channel your inner queen of the Nile this October 31st, and you’ll be queen of the party.
Cleopatra costume
2. Referee:
Blow that whistle and you’ll blow their minds. It’s just a little black dress with white stripes! Don’t forget the whistle! Your muse should be Kendra Wilkinson, former “Girl Next Door,” who undoubtedly won the heart of her husband, the Philadelphia Eagles running back, as one sexy sports official.
referee costume
3. Ladybug:
You can be a lady and still show some skin. Pair this with some cute wings and matching sexy red lipstick and you'll be the star of your Halloween party.
ladybug costume
4. Greek Godess:
There is nothing more sassy than an off-the shoulder toga. This effortlessly sexy look is made better with gold accessories and gold glitter eye makeup. You'll be known as Aphrodite before the night is over!
5. Little Red Riding Hood:
Or any costume where sweet meets sexy (think Sleeping Beauty, Rainbow Brite, etc.) Add a pair of stockings and heels and the combination is sure to knock 'em all out.
red riding hood
6. Sailor:
Hit the high seas as a sexy sailor and you’ll guarantee that everyone will want you as their first mate. A little navy dress and a white cap will go a long way to making you see-worthy.
7. Pirate :
There’s a reason this a classic Halloween Costume. A flowing shirt, high boots, and a buccaneer’s hat make the perfect costume. Swashbuckle around town as you win hearts - and booty.
8. Showgirl:
Wish you were in Moulin Rouge, Burlesque or Chicago? Or maybe you just want to be a Pop Star like Britney Spears, Madonna, or Lady Gaga.

Stun your audiences everywhere with glitter, feathers, short skirts, and a killer wig and you’re guaranteed to be a show stopper.
celebrity wig
9. Flapper:
They were sexy before sexy was acceptable! Any retro costume is cute (think flight attendant or pinup girl.)
10. Witch:
It doesn’t have to be cliché! Put your own spin on the classic costume to leave people wondering, are you a good witch or a bad witch?
kandy korn witch

Remember to bring a jacket or coat with you when you go out (they can be sexy too!) - Halloween is usually the start of the frigid season in Upstate New York. Stay warm while you're staying sexy!

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