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Top 10 Trends You Should Not Try

Now that spring is here, we are all in the mood to go shopping! The sun is shining, and stores are packed with new clothing. With that said, I want to make sure you all don't buy the wrong items.  Make sure to NEVER buy the items listed in the following list.  Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, these things were once considered trendy...but if sport these trends now, well then you're FASHION FAUX-PAS-ING! 
1. Trucker Hats
Thumbnail image for lindsay lo trucker.png
Trucker hats are so trashy. I'm sorry everyone but it's true. Unless you're going to a tractor pull or you're Ashton Kutcher, then you're not allowed to wear trucker hats in my book.

2. Scrunchies 
Thumbnail image for scrunchie.jpg
If you're wearing a scrunchie, you better be stranded on a desert island somewhere and that's the only hair elastic you can find.  Scrunchie's were cool in the 80s but not anymore, people. If you have a scrunchie collection hidden under your bed somewhere, dispose of them now, or forever hold your piece. 

3. Chokers
I wore a choker to my 7th grade homecoming dance and I thought I looked so cool! Chokers are a thing of the past, just like Charlie Sheen on the show Two And A Half Men. Who wants to be CHOKED anyway?! Not me. 

4. Furry Boots
furry boots.jpg
Does everyone agree with me that Snooki just looks ridiculous? She looks like she's half human and half alpaca. In my opinion, furry boots are OUT!

5. Short Shorts
If you can see your booty, then your shorts are too short.  That's just common sense. Isn't that girl afraid she's going to get a sun burn?! Cover up those buns, hun! 

6. Skinny Jeans For Men
skinny jeans.jpg
I am all about slim fitting jeans on men. Key word: Slim Fit. But when your jeans are tighter than mine, then we have a problem. Girls wear tight jeans because we have curves and we gotta show off what our mamma's gave us. Men have flat asses and no hips, so skinny jeans just look weird on you. GET OVER IT! 

7. Platform Sneakers
platform sneakers.jpg
I used to want these shoes so bad when I was a pre-teen. I was all about the Spice Girls and they always wore platformed sneakers. But these shoes are a total disaster. What's the point of them anyway? Sneakers are supposed to be comfortable. So instead of spicing up your life with platform sneakers, try a different style. 

8.  Pants On The Ground
baggy pants.jpg
You look like a fool with your pants on the ground! The video below just explains it all. 

9.  Super Distressed Jeans
If you're going to wear jeans, don't opt for the crazy ripped jeans. Brandy's distressed look above makes her look like she just got into a brawl with a rabid bear...and Brandy lost the fight. 

10.  Socks And Heels
This is another trend I just don't understand. Wearing socks with high heels cancels out the sexiness of the high heel. It's like going to McDonald's and ordering a diet coke with your super size value meal. What's the dang point?! Go big or go home.

And that's my two cents!

Trends, Fashion, Trucker, Hat, Scrunchie, Chokers, Furry, Boots, Shorts, Jeans, Platform, Sneaker, Heels. If You're In The Shopping Mood, Make Sure You Know The Top 10 Trends To Not Try! Top 10 Trends We Wish Would Never Come Back In Style.

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I so agree with this! Except the platform sneakers, I've always wanted a pair but I doubt I will ever get one. Good work :)

Thanks for reading Anna and I very much appreciate your comments! Okay, I'll allow you to wear platform sneakers if you're a spice girl for Halloween! Haha. I hope you continue to read my blog and keep commenting!!


I agree with all but. A good, quality choker done right can work. I have a Rhinestone one that I wear when I wear a deep V dressy dress. It dresses it up without taking away from your decollatage.

Can you take a picture of it? I'd love to see. I'm sure you're right. I'm talking about those ugly chokers that should only be worn in Vampire movies.

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