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Fashion Guys Like Vs. Fashion Girls Like

I love to play dress up. I mean, that's obvious, I am a fashion blogger! But, it has come to my attention that most guys really do not care what girls are wearing. When girls get dressed up, we put a lot of effort into our outfits. Although, men won't notice that we wore pink earrings to match the pink in our floral dresses. Want to know what they take notice of?
They notice if we are showing the goods, that's what! There is "guy hot" and there is "girl hot". I found a few photos to prove my point. 

Outfits Guys Like:

Bandage Dress.jpg
Outfits Girls Like:

Okay girls, am I right? Girls like to coordinate and match things. We like to wear unique jewelry that stands out. Guys could give a rat's @ss on whether or not you're wearing the "it" nail color or hair trend. 


And that's my two cents!

Guys, Fashion, Girls, Trends. Who rules the fashion kingdom? Men or women? Battle of the sexes!

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