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I had the opportunity to interview Gregg Donnelly of Jack Donnelly Khaki Company. Gregg is my best friend's cousin and when I heard he started his own khaki line, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for an interesting blog post.
Now that spring is here, we are all in the mood to go shopping! The sun is shining, and stores are packed with new clothing. With that said, I want to make sure you all don't buy the wrong items.  Make sure to NEVER buy the items listed in the following list.  Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, these things were once considered trendy...but if sport these trends now, well then you're FASHION FAUX-PAS-ING! 
Matt Benedetto is a 22 year old ski fanatic from Croton on Hudson, New York. Like many twenty-somethings, Benedetto has been studying business and marketing at St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont for the past four years. What's not so typical about  Benedetto? He owns and operates his own clothing brand Eastern Collective. 

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