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May and June are prime time for fishing on Saratoga Lake, The recent rains have made for good fishing, and it's a great time to book a trip. Father's Day is coming up, and a day out on the water is a sure bet to give Dad a Father's Day to remember. Highliner Charter Fishing has lots to offer. As for seasonal tips, remember the rule of thumb about bait, bright day, bright colors, dark day dark colors. Good Fishing!

Beat the crowds and hit the waters of Saratoga Lake. Prime fishing time for early season and it's a great time to stake out your favorite spots on the lake. Highliner Charter Fishing has dates available, but they're filling up fast- call today!

Ice has only been out a few day's.But some hard core crappy fisherman took to the water this past got it. Nice limit's of big slab's were the talk of the day.This early bite will back off shortly ,before building again toards spawn.BOOK YOUR CHARTER NOW,(518)885-3838

I circled the lake today- on the roads, not the water quite yet. I saw some great signs that ice out is just around the corner. Saratoga Lake always ices out before the bigger lakes , making for prime early season fishing. Book a trip today and be the first of your group to post YOUR catch her on the Saratoga Lake fishing blog.
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Back from a winter of fishing in Florida, and the HIghliner will be ready to get back on the lake as soon as ice-out arrives. We'll bring you latest fishing news for Saratoga Lake . Taking guesses on when we'll see ice-out. Any predictions?

Crappy Time!

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Crappy has been the story on Saratoga lake. I was out twice on Lake George Island Adventures charters here this past week. We had excellent results on both charters. Rick and his family and friends landed better than fifty on their trip. Plenty of large 12" to send to the fillet table. Rick said they were the largest crappy he had ever seen.

The crappy are definitely setting up for the spawn now. With this weekend's warm up they should be red hot.

The only problem is it's also the opening day of pike and walleye. What a dilemma. There is also a crappy tournament on the lake Saturday. Needless to say the lake will be congested. The crappy tournament is an open tournament. It will be held at the state launch. You can call Tim Blodgett at Saratoga Tackle for more details.

A key factor to remember is that at this aggressive stage of spawning often a plain jig works better than bait. Hit and run till you find them. When you do stay put..

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Saratoga Lake Fishing Report April 2010  
Fishing on Satatoga Lake is still good for crappy and the blue gill bite is picking up as well. Watch your water temps. as they approach the mid fifties to sixty degree mark. The crappy will really go crazy on the spawn beds. Still early into the fishing season on Saratoga Lake, but there are many good weeks ahead. Pike and Walleye season will start early this year on May 1st. I will keep you posted as the season progresses.
Lake George Island Adventures and Highliner Charter Fishing
Actually, it's been out since March 15th. I was lucky enough to get on board my friend Dan's boat on the 17th, St. Paddy's Day, and wouldn't you know there was a showing of the Green , as in Crappy that is.

I've been out twice this week and have managed to put two limits in the boat . This is the first bite of crappy , and it will only last a week or so longer, and after that there'll be a slowdown on the bite as they move back out to the deeper weed edges. Then around Mid-April  until Mid-May depending on water temps they'll move back into the shallows to spawn.

That's when things will get crazy with fish on every cast. If there's not much time for you to fish for these tasty morsels , this is when you want to do it.

You'll want to use a light action, fast tipped rod though any rod will really work. Spool up a spinning  reel with 4-6 lb. test line , add a small bobber and a #8 hook with a minnow or a   1/32 to ΒΌ ounce tube or bucktailed jig. Experiment  with different colors to find out what turns them on.

The best way to locate them on the lake is to look for the tightly grouped flotilla of boats. This is where the crappies will be.   They have a loyal following of fishermen and with good reason-  they are one of the best eating freshwater fish out there. They're also a great way to introduce a new young angler to the sport.

So grab your pole and start the season early with crappy. If you have questions, send them through this blog. Also log onto for the latest fishing report for Lake George.

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Welcome Aboard the Fishing Report! Discover what's biting on Saratoga Lake and Lake George! We'll keep you posted weekly on when, where and how to catch fish, as well as valuable tips and advice to help improve your fishing...

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