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Crappy Time!

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Crappy has been the story on Saratoga lake. I was out twice on Lake George Island Adventures charters here this past week. We had excellent results on both charters. Rick and his family and friends landed better than fifty on their trip. Plenty of large 12" to send to the fillet table. Rick said they were the largest crappy he had ever seen.

The crappy are definitely setting up for the spawn now. With this weekend's warm up they should be red hot.

The only problem is it's also the opening day of pike and walleye. What a dilemma. There is also a crappy tournament on the lake Saturday. Needless to say the lake will be congested. The crappy tournament is an open tournament. It will be held at the state launch. You can call Tim Blodgett at Saratoga Tackle for more details.

A key factor to remember is that at this aggressive stage of spawning often a plain jig works better than bait. Hit and run till you find them. When you do stay put..

Tight Lines,

Captain Justin

Lake George Island Adventures ( serving Lake George and Saratoga Lake)

Highliner Charter Fishing

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Captain Justin Mahoney owns Highliner Charter Fishing and Lake George Island Adventures and has been fishing Lake George, Saratoga Lake and the Adirondack waters for more than 25 years. He is a full-time charter fishing guide providing sportfishing trips aboard the fishing charter the Highliner, and family outings and excursions on the Lake George Island Adventures pontoon boat serving Lake George and Saratoga Lake.