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Want to help the local Saratoga County environment this year? Sustainable Saratoga is making it easy. To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, this April 22nd the volunteer organization is holding a bottle drive to promote recycling, to help keep containers from becoming waste and to support the local, environmentally friendly organization.

For this bottle drive, Sustainable Saratoga is asking local residents, students, employees and businesses to collect recyclable plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans now through April 22, 2010. They recommend placing a cardboard box or plastic bin near where people tend to throw out these bottles. That way instead of making it into the trash these containers are recycled.

Once the bins are full, Sustainable Saratoga is asking if participants in the drive could kindly return the bottles themselves. Then participants can either bring the receipts or return money to their next meeting, on Tuesday April 27th at City Hall, or they can mail them to the address below. If they choose to go to the meeting, they will be able to see Saratoga Recycling Coordinator Joseph Miranda speak.

Cathi Anne M. Cameron, a member of Sustainable Saratoga, talked about the benefits of this easy-to-implement program. "Our Earth Day recycling participants not only remove plastic and aluminum containers from the waste stream, but support an organization which serves their community by doing so - truly a 'win-win' environmental effort!"

Bill Sprengnether
Bill Sprengnether, Co-Chair
Celeste Caruso
Celeste Caruso, Co-Chair
To contact Sustainable Saratoga, please visit their website. They can also be reached by mail at:

Sustainable Saratoga
PO Box 1001
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Sustainable Saratoga is an all-volunteer, self-funded organization. The Earth Day recycling contributions will be used for their sustainability initiatives - which are designed for (and directly benefit) the local community.

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