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It's very important that you and your stylist connect during the Consultation before he or she cuts or colors your hair. If you can find a few photos that you like any good stylist should be able to use those photos for inspiration not dictation.

Notice my first Blog was an introduction/meet and a greeting. That is the way you should be addressed when you enter any salon. The next step is probably the most important the Consultation. During a training session with Celebrity Hair Stylist Frederic Fekkai he said "Do a great Consultation not a good Consultation" We believe that everything starts at the stylists chair. The connection with the client and the plan. So after your next meet and greet make sure your first stop is the stylist chair not the shampoo bowl.

Next Blog we'll dig deeper into the Consultation.... 

Welcome to "Hair for You". It gives us great pleasure to be able to share some of the styling tips and techniques that we have learned from some of the top hairstylists in the world. We also plan to share our knowledge of products, using and selecting the right tools, professional news and address environmental concerns. We welcome questions and always remember we are "Hair for You".

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