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Are you one that has hair snow on your shoulders in September and throughout the year. On our new clients we see this regularly. One of our recommendations is to shampoo and gently massage your scalp. Then rinse thoroughly and make sure all shampoo is removed. When applying your conditioner place on your hair only. No need to put the conditioner on your scalp. If you scalp condition doesn't get better then we recommend a doctor or dermatologist visit.

A few years ago I was asked by a local publication what hairstyles did I see in the coming year. My prediction was right on, based on the Academy Award red carpet hair. Many top stylists use award show hair, fashion week hair, etc... as their crystal ball. This year after NYC Fashion Week, Beth Minardi predicts: 'Very little of the hair color I saw was extremely light or dark.  Mid ranges of deeper blonde, soft golden reds and lightest butterscotch brown dominated the runways. While lots of highlighting was featured, there was less high contrast and more of a shade-on-shade feeling." 



If your hair is damp or dry always start combing from the bottom up. Never comb out your hair when it is soaking wet because when hair is wet it can stretch up to 40 - 50%. Constantly stretching your hair it will loose it's elasticity and eventually break.

Why, after a licensed hairstylist prescribes a product would a person walk right past the salons display case and purchase that same product from a drug store and/or super market? Would you leave your Doctors office and fill your prescription in a salon?
Many questions arise on how that professional product makes it into the drug store and/or super market. Did they fall off a truck? Go out the back door of the manufacturer, distributor or salon? Are they bootleg? Are they stored properly? How old are they? On the other hand most products found in a salon are knowingly shipped directly from the manufacturer and/or a distributor, keeping the professional link intact.
On the same prescription pad we highly recommend before getting a big service like hair extensions, hair straightening, etc, you do your research. After completing the proper training many manufacturers will reward the stylist with a Certificate of Completion. For example Brooklyn Attitude's MaryAnn is the only stylist in the (518) area code that is Certified in the Cinderella Hair Extensions and Glenn is an Educator and Certified in the CHI Transformation System a scientific approach that transforms hair from Frizzy, Curly, Wavy to Silky Controlled Straighter Hair.
So next time your prescribed a product by your stylist fill it in the salon and leave the melons and bananas to the produce manager and the drugs to your Pharmacist.

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