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The New GEM ERGO Hair Dryer


Does your hair dryer produce 98% ceramic heat? No! Does your hair dryer have a Hyperionic Protective Barrier? NO! Well mine does :)

Welcome to the new GEM ERGO hair dryer. Technology at its best!

Low EMF'S, produces Negative Ions & Far Infra Red, a normal drying nozzle and a speed drying nozzle, a curl defining finger diffuser, light weight, uses up to 41% less electricity, and much, much more...

So ask yourself; does my hair reap the benefits of Cellular Ceramic Science? If your answer is NO then I recommend finding a salon to purchase one!

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UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have chemically colored blonde hair that has become unmanageable and frizzy. I ALWAYS have to wash it in the morning to make it look half descent. NOT ANYMORE! I came home after purchasing my GEM Ergo hairdryer on a rainy day. My hair had hairspray and 3 other products. Just to experiment, I tried blowdrying a section with my curling brush. Oh My Goodness. My hair is shiny and bouncy. I am truly astonished. I had to come down and google this product. (I got at TJ Maxx - so thought it might be a mess-up). You have made a great product. I am your biggest fan.

T H A N K Y O U!!!!!

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