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Flat Iron with an MP3 Player Built in



GEM MEDIA STYLING IRON heats up to 420 degrees, has a built in MP3 Player that can hold up to 500 songs, ONYX Ceramic Floating Plates with a HyperIonic Protective Barrier, anti slip grip, 9 foot swivel cord...

Available at Brooklyn Attitude

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MaryAnn & Glenn Guerriero

MaryAnn and Glenn have been trained by some of the top hairstylists in the world. They have taken the philosophies, theories and techniques of these great stylists to create their own Brooklyn Attitude way. They have been recognized by their peers and the beauty profession for their uniqueness, talent and attitude landing them in many national consumer and professional publications. They have been Voted One of the Top Hot 100 Salons in America by "Salon City" 2008, 2009 & 2010.

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