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Question: "My hair is really dry this winter. Could you write something about how to maintain hair and keep is healthy."
Thank you for the question. Hair feeling and looking dry is a common winter concern. I would also add static hair to the list.
My response is broad because there are different hair textures and coloring/highlighting also play a factor.
First step is shampoo. I recommend some type of moisturizing shampoo. As soon as you enter your shower wet your hair with tepid water (not to hot) and then shampoo. Rinse well and try to remove as much moisture from your hair. In our salon we usually towel dry some and then apply conditioner, this will help. Leave the conditioner in while washing and then rinse well. If you can stand the water a little colder it is highly recommended.
After leaving your shower towel dry your hair. Then apply some type of moisture product. Their are many products out there we recommend and use CHI, Silk Infusion.
At this point is where many cause more damage to their hair. I recommend using your hair dyer (one that produces moist heat) and hand dry your hair 70 to 80%. Then use your brush and dryer to style your hair. Again I recommended a quality brush with either ceramic barrel and bristles or some kind of brush made with materials that won't burn your hair. Afterwards you can spray or mist your hair with some kind of silk or shine product.
Hopefully, I answered you question if not please contact and we can then direct my response just for you.
Thank You Again!

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