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"Hugs for Whiskas"


As stylists we have the power to make a person feel better with the right cut, color, etc... As salon owners we have the power to make a change. Since opening in 2003 Brooklyn Attitude has been on the forefront of fund raisers and have support many causes. Now it's time to help out our local animal shelters with "Hugs for Whiskas"

"Hugs for Whiskas"

Starting Valentine's Day drop off at Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body; cat food, dog food, pet toys, treats and/or litter valued at $10.00 or more and a stylist will apply 1 Hair Treats, Double Loop, Red Hair Extension. All collected goods will be distributed to our local animal shelters.

As a pet owner (12 cats and 1 dog) MaryAnn is always thinking of ways to help in pet adoption. After reading about animal shelters struggling for funds and an overabundance of cats and dogs she came up with her idea. She hopes to collect over $2000.00 worth of goods and hopes to take "Hugs for Whiskas" to the national level next year.

MaryAnn has teamed up BackStage Commerce. BackStage Commerce will be the official Hair Extensions sponsor of "Hugs for Whiskas" they have donated 200 Red Extensions.

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MaryAnn & Glenn Guerriero

MaryAnn and Glenn have been trained by some of the top hairstylists in the world. They have taken the philosophies, theories and techniques of these great stylists to create their own Brooklyn Attitude way. They have been recognized by their peers and the beauty profession for their uniqueness, talent and attitude landing them in many national consumer and professional publications. They have been Voted One of the Top Hot 100 Salons in America by "Salon City" 2008, 2009 & 2010.

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