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About a year and a half ago (8/10) I posted about Farouk Shami Founder of Farouk Systems being the first person to developed 100% ammonia free hair color called Sun Glitz. That was over 25 years ago!

Several years ago Farouk Systems launched CHI 100% Ammonia Free Hair Color. Being that the color is 100% ammonia free it is safer for the client, stylist and environment. Now other companies have followed suit so Farouk Systems is kicking up a notch.

When it comes to innovation Farouk Systems has been a leader in the beauty professional and now I would like to share with you that CHI 100% Ammonia Free Hair Color has been formulated without PPD (Paraphenylenediamine). PPD in hair color has been cited to produce allergic reaction in some clients. The color will also have Aloe for sensitive scalps. The hair color will have a Color Lock complex that should reduce fading by 30% and a silk cream rich base to boost your hair's health and hair shine.

So if your looking for a healthier, safer and long lasting hair color I highly recommend the new CHI 100% Ammonia and PPD Free Hair Color!
CHI Color no PPD.jpg

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