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No Bad Hair Days ~

         ~Way Back Then ~

me - wedding.jpgI consider hair a serious subject.  I'm a natural Redhead and as anyone with a Redheaded child knows - Red hair draws a lot of attention. When you're very young old ladies pat you on the head  ruffling your hair ~ When you're old enough to go to school classmates tease you ~ some nastier than others ~ to a certain extent your Red hair defines you.  I will never forget an old Brill Cream commercial (yes I remember Brill Cream) ~ a man was typing a complaint letter to Brill Cream and I am paraphrasing this as time has played with my memory:  "Dear Brill Cream, you said that if I used your product I would meet a beautiful Blonde or Brunette ~ but all I ever got was a Redhead!  Then in walks this drop dead gorgeous Redhead ~ if they tried that ad today they'd be sued. 
As an actress and model I was featured in commercials and ads for Clairol ~ L'Oreal ~ Breck ~Alberto VO 5 and many more. A bad hair day could mean a loss in income ~ so I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to hair products ~ I still research and I try them all.

Stay with me ~ this post does include Chinese Medicine and Health.  In Chinese Medicine Kidney Energy represents our DNA ~ it shows the state of our Health  and the Kidneys are said to Flourish in the Hair ~ it is much more involved and more complicated but this gets us started.  Once I produced a commercial for a client from Hong Kong and the client felt that our male actor's hair wasn't thick enough ~ we had to get a hairpiece for him to make it look fuller.  The hair piece resembled a scalp so after the commercial I mounted it on the foot of my bed - kept it there for years till a dog got it.

In the West we also look at hair to determine one's health.  The hair usually shows what was happening in your body several months or even weeks before.  It may be coincidence ~ but have you noticed how many elected male politicians have thick  hair? 

So today I'd like to talk about the products we use on our hair.
While the sulfates and other surfactants used in most commercial hair care products may not kill you, they will wreak havoc on your hair shaft and scalp.  Sulfates, etc. are typically used by the hair and body care industry as a cheaper way to create lather. While sulfates, surfactants, and harsh detergents break down the dirt and oils that make hair look greasy and dirty, they also strip out all the natural oils and beneficial bacteria that your hair and scalp need to stay shiny and healthy.  The result?  Dry, damaged, frizzy hair, often accompanied by an itchy, flaky scalp.

I have discovered the Beauty Society Salon for organic, non-toxic, healthy hair. ...  in Malta, New York.  PH: 518.899.7570 ~ William and Cristina Connolly Proprietors.   They use All Natural, Non-toxic & Organic Professional Hair Products & Services.  They sell La Vida Dulce shampoo bars ~  yes Bars ~ all-natural, sulfate and detergent free for you and your pets.  I love them and my dogs like the bars as they are easier to control and  helps to keep soap suds out of their sensitive eyes.
                  Mangosmoothie sm.jpg                                                                 dirtydog sm.jpg

To quote the experts:  "All La Vida Dulce shampoo bars contain coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used as a hair care product all over the world with great results. Its high amount of lauric acid, capric acid and vitamin E make for a great hair conditioner and hair strengthener.  Coconut oil is a fabulous styling product when used in bar form.  When the oil on the hair cools and sets, it leaves the hair bouncy and in place with a thicker, fuller feeling head of hair."
La Vida Dulce shampoo bars are their own blend of saponified oils. They use organic oils when ever available ~ but always 100% pure essential oils; and if they do use fragrance it's phthalate free.  Their products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Look ~ every society realizes that the condition of your hair is a reflection of your inner health ~ but we also know that chemicals and toxins can be absorbed through the skin ~ so why take a chance.


Mary - Another informative article. You are so knowledgeable on such a range of topics, I always look forward to what the next topic will be! Love the pictures! You've convinced me to try the La Vida Dulce bar.

I love the picture of you.
re: politicians and thick hair, I was
under the impression that many have little
or no hair. scott johnson gets my vote for
most perfect hair, (never out of place)
who do you think has thick hair? just curious.

Hi Nancy - Thank you for your compliment on the picture - it was a long time ago...taken at a friend's wedding with the old Instamatic...

I wasn’t thinking local politicians – I was thinking Presidential candidates
Think of all the Kennedy men - especially Ted – Bill Clinton - Mitt Romney - Ronald Reagan – and the best hair of all John Kerry - that is some Hair! Democrats do seem to have the best hair - and Reagan was formerly a Democrat - so the theory holds.

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