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Please ~ Keep your Fingers out of your Mouth...

Today I'm going to vent about a pet peeve of mine.  I've tried to control myself for years, but now we are facing serious viruses and bacteria and I can no longer be quiet.
Yesterday I had an appointment and as I was standing at the office window the receptionist coughed into her hand ~ I started to say "Hey ~ Cough into your elbow" ~ it is all over the news so she must have heard this.  I restrained myself.
Then she put her index finger in her mouth to moisten it and started to go through papers contaminating each page with her sputum.  When she finally found the page red no small.jpgshe was looking for she pulled it out of the pile with the same hand she coughed into and the same finger she sucked on.  She put the paper in a clipboard with that hand and then again with that same hand she thrust a pen at me.
To say that I was repulsed would be an understatement ~ trying not to reveal my revulsion I took the clipboard trying not to put my hand where hers had been but knowing it was a lost cause.  I found the strength to refuse the pen ~ she looked offended so I lied that I had carpel tunnel and needed to use a special pen.

I proceeded to try to fill out the form without touching the paper or the clipboard.  Then I went in for my interview and cringed every time the person touched that Paper of Germs.  As I left, the interviewer handed my papers to his assistant and the unknowing woman walked off with the germs.   I'm sure that this scenario was repeated all day long. Eventually people in that office will get sick but it will be blamed on the visitors ~ like me.

I've thrown out books borrowed by those Finger Suckers ~ Often I've spoken up trying to get them to see how they were endangering their own health ~ what do they think that they are putting in their mouths when they do this?

If they won't consider other people ~ I wish that they would realize that this is very risky behavior ~ germs can live a long time on those surfaces.  So please join me ~ call people on this behavior or give them an old #2 pencil with an eraser like my teachers used.  I have decided than I'm going to buy a box of finger sleeves like proctologists use and when I see this behavior again I will hand them out to the offenders.

This is not rocket science ~ people are screaming about not enough vaccines being available but please remember that we have some responsibility for our own health and don't be selfish.

This is a warning to all those Finger Lickers in the produce department  ~ Stop putting your fingers in your mouth, to moisten them, in order to separate those plastic bags ~ you are being watched.    

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I like this post. I am a big fan of hand sanitizer
and washing my hands compulsively. great post.

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