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Treating and Preventing Alzheimer's Naturally ~

Alzheimer's is a progressive disorder that is characterized by the decline in intellectual abilities, eventually leading to dementia in elderly patients.  The cause it not known, although it has been estimated 40% of people over 85 years old suffer from this condition.

Closer examination of the brains of people who have died from Alzheimer's has shown a loss of cells that release a chemical called acetylcholine ~ those cells that are used for thinking.

The first signs of Alzheimer's are loss of short-term memory for names and recent events. This then progresses to a difficulty learning new information, possibly eccentric behavior, depression and loss of spontaneity.

As Alzheimer's continues to affect the sufferer, they will lose the ability to carry out everyday activities, questions will be asked repeatedly, and they may lose the ability to recognize friends and family.

Eventually nearly all mental functions will fail, a similar symptom to those suffering from multiple small strokes and severe alcoholism.

Natural Remedies for Alzheimer's:

• Phosphatidyl Serine::
Phosphatidyl Serine is one of the many substances involved in the structure and maintenance of cell membranes.  It was asserted by the US Food and Drug Administration in May 2003 that "consumption of Phosphatidyl Serine may reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly" and further, "consumption of Phosphatidyl Serine may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly". Numerous studies back this up with evidence showing patients who took Phosphatidyl Serine orally showed significant improvement in their symptoms.
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• Ginkgo Biloba:
Ginkgo Biloba is an extract from the Maidenhair Tree that only grows in a small part of China.  It contains a special extract called EGb 761 that has been shown at the Psychiatry Department at the National Medical University, Kyiv in the Ukraine to have demonstrated significant improvements in cognitive functioning and behavioral symptoms in patients suffering from Alzheimer's.   Further studies have also concluded that the Ginkgo Biloba special extract EGb 761 seems to produce neuro-protective effects in neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

• Choline
A naturally occurring compound, Choline is part of the B Vitamin group and has been shown to consistently help slow the progress of Alzheimer's and improve
neurol functioning of suffers.

** Always check with your Doctor or Practitioner before taking supplements.  Ginkgo is contraindicated in some antidepressants including SSRI's.
Source: Elements4Healthci
Cenacchi T, Bertoldin T, Farina C, Fiori MG, Crepaldi G. Cognitive decline in the elderly: a double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter study on efficacy of phosphatidylserine administration. Aging (Milano). 1993 Apr;5(2):123-33. PMID: 8323999.
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