Fostering Healthy Thoughts

Healthy Thought for Today

Your body will thank you tomorrow for the good things you do for it today.

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Teddy Foster is the owner of Foster Good Health. She’s a certified, personal Health Coach who helps people improve their health and develop habits that can increase their longevity. Foster Good Health services include one-on-one programs for weight loss, nutritional supplementation, and increased activity and exercise. Many medical professionals and personal trainers utilize Foster Good Health as a resource for their patients and clients.

Teddy Foster is a well-known local speaker and events producer for topics related to health and wellness. She writes the wellness article "Fostering Healthy Thoughts" for the quarterly publication, Saratoga Seasons magazine.

Teddy is a graduate of Skidmore College, has two grown sons, and lives in Saratoga Springs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Teddy at 518-583-9762 or by email at .