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Family Fun In Saratoga Springs

It's not just for racing ...Saratoga is a great family destination! When you are visiting Saratoga with kids in tow, these itinerary ideas will make it easy to keep ‘em busy in this wonderful city. Depending upon your children's ages and energy limit, adjust to suit your schedule…you know your little ones better than anybody!

Day 1: Downtown Fun
Saratoga Horse Statue Get to know Downtown Saratoga Springs: take a leisurely stroll up and down Broadway, where you can find wonderful sweet shops, ice cream stores, toy shops and bookstores perfect for browsing with little ones. The famous Saratoga horse sculputures created by artists are scattered throughout the city in various locations…can you find them all? Take a picture next to each one for a fun photo journal perfect for uploading and sharing!
Day 2: Museum & Movies
Children's Activities The Children’s Museum at Saratoga is perfect for the little ones in your family age 7 and under…it’s a delight in exploration! Interactive exhibits let children run their own grocery store, be a bank teller, even experience a 1950’s Saratoga diner. Science, history, arts, and community are all represented in a fun and educational format. This popular museum is a favorite among local parents and schools. Plan this on a weekend, and enjoy an outdoor movie at the Malta Drive-In Theatre afterwards. Kids are just $5 a piece! The Drive-Ins are a fun way to catch the latest flicks, and you get to see two movies with your ticket purchase (the first is usually very child-oriented).
Day 3: History Tour
Battle Of Saratoga Visit the Saratoga National Historic Park. When the teacher asks what you did over summer vacation, you’ll be ready! Considered one of the fifteen most decisive battles in world history, the Battle of Saratoga is commemorated here. There's a visitor center, a driving tour, a monument, a restored General's home... and often activities and events geared toward kids, with reenactments and interesting demonstrations of what life was like during those tumultous times in our history.
Day 4: Congress Park
Carousel In Congress Park The Congress Park Carousel was carved in 1910…anyone who loves antique carousels knows this rare Marcus Illions is a gem! There are 28 beautiful horses with real horsehair tails…this is a magical experience for little ones, and something they’ll remember forever. While you're at Congress Park riding the horses, plan a day of it. Pack a picnic lunch, tour the gardens and watch for butterflies and hummingbirds!
Day 5: A Day At The Beach
Brown's Beach in Saratoga Brown's Beach on Saratoga Lake offers a day of relaxation and fun for kids and adults! Pick up a few floats, beach toys and swimmies at the store, and the kids will stay entertained all afternoon. After the beach, head to the Circus Cafe on Broadway for a fun dinner and dessert.
Day 6: Self-Guided Springs Tour
Saratoga Mineral Spring Treasure hunt for the Saratoga Mineral Springs: This is an adventure for the whole family…finding each of the eightteen mineral springs is an adventure, and if drinking from them isn’t much of a reward for spying them (they do taste a bit different…not always appealing to kids!), you can always finish your hunt with an ice cream soda in downtown Saratoga! This is a fun and educational activity for everyone.
Day 7: Saratoga Spa State Park & Pools
Saratoga Pools Saratoga Spa State Park is a recreational and cultural hub of Saratoga that includes plenty of things for the kids to do. Take a splash in Victoria Pool and Peerless Pool on a hot afternoon. Children love The Peerless Pool Complex…it has a zero-depth entrance where the youngest can splash and play, as well as a baby pool with a mushroom-shaped fountain! There are also easy walking and hiking trails that are perfect for kids (the dog can even come – on a leash, please!), the National Museum of Dance, and the Saratoga Automobile Museum are interesting and fun for all ages. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is an ever-popular destination, where the New York City Ballet has been dazzling families for many years.

For more great ideas for things to do with your kids in Saratoga, keep an eye on our events calendar, and be sure to check out our Saratoga itineraries for the grownups… there’s always something new happening in the Spa City!