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Save TV? Go LIVE! And, We Win, Saratoga!

That's what will save TV! Live events! DUH!?!?!
WHAT other way to watch a sporting event, the Olympics or Saturday Night LIVE, or LIVE with Kelly?
Did you catch 30 ROCK LIVE Thursday night? Talk about fun, spontaneity and what TV can do better than all other media, for now.
Live creates an event, moments in time and memories for the collective media consumers can talk about for years to come.
Live or memorex (tape) has always been the question. 
And, I am sure you know why most TV shows don't go live. The cost.
Live does lend itself best to coverage of news events, comedies and talk shows. But, no matter what the media mogul does to keep down costs, it always costs more than budgeted, unless the show started as a live creature. 
Dancing with the Stars started live and now it is just the way the show exists.
Doing what NBC did Thursday night and last October during sweeps takes a major budget. Just like changing a factory, the workflow and reconfiguring the assembly line for a new product: a major undertaking. 30 ROCK going live did just that. The costs had to be enormous. I'll be watching for those figures to share with you.
And, that, my fellow Saratogians, happens to be the precise reason you don't see enough of live TV.
As the battle rages between all the medias: TV, the social medias, LIVE TV may be the best answer. But, it is not only costly, it is a drain on all involved. It takes massive amounts of planning, work, talent and many times the payoffs don't come.
It did with the latest 30 ROCK LIVE show.
Come on, folks, what does everyone seem to make time for, the big events: live Superbowls, live Oscars, live American Music Awards!  
Even with the :05 delay, it is more exciting. You simply never know what to expect with live TV. The more live, the more TV viewers will watch. Spontaneous, scripted but with the likely chance things could go awry makes, which makes it all that much more fun. The energy, the electricity, the sparkle of the moment can be worth every second.
The current up and coming generation of media consumers have all options right at their fingertips: their smart phones. TV needs to be au courant. But, what's old can be new, again.
And, how did I know THIS show was coming? Not by watching TV. My 16 year old son and his 20 year old brother! Now, I am up on most in the TV world but, because my sons have an e-alert for the show COMMUNITY (one of the few they watch on actual TV), they both saw the notice posted that 30 ROCK would be live! They did this last October and again the first night of May sweeps. 
And, no matter what, it was exciting, an event and what TV was all meant to be and more. The media world's abuzz with how entertaining 30 ROCK LIVE was Thursday night.
For some, youi remember THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW and even RED SKELTON, THE SHOW OF SHOWS....ok...so, I don't really remember those shows live, but I saw a lot of the reruns over the years as a child. My parents talked about those shows. And, from what I gather, these shows became MUST SEE TV for a reason: you absolutely never knew what could happen at any given moment. I do remember LAUGH-IN when the actors could barely stop laughing at themselves and, those moments were super priceless. Sure, there were a lot less options but the country certainly did watch.
For NBC (NBCUniversal Media, LLC), the gamble can be a game changer. NBC has been working especially hard on rebuilding the peacock network after GE (49% ownership) sold off part of the company to Comcast (51% ownership). They know TV.
Under the new leadership, hopefully the fun continues and we benefit.
As in all business ventures, if the costs outweighs the content, you will see less live.You have the power. Demand more live. And, you do that by watching. 
It is highly expensive to take a show live unless it is done that way on a daily basis. Then, it can be done inexpensively.The programmers just need to decide from the start what's the mission of the show or newscast. 
As the TV battle rages for every single eyeball of every single viewer, the viewer wins while the suits decide how best to finance shows.
TV programmers know the next generation of viewers, the teens, have learned to live without TV. The youth of America know where to go to be entertained and the word of mouth beat the ads. The TV business model has been broken for a very long time. Maybe live and more live can be the fix.
Going LIVE grabs viewers. And, as a consumer of all media, we win!
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

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