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Why Ryan Gosling, Saratoga?

By Saeed Adyani, Columbia Pictures
Okay. My Facebook friends know I have a thing for Ryan Gosling.

Every media outlet is talking about it nationwide and globally.

What red blooded American woman would not have a thing for a Canadian heart throb who actually can act?

And, who would not have palpitations when you hear the stories about him breaking up fights and saving a British journalist, who was wearing a pink wig, from getting hit by a taxi? 

Both acts happened in NYC.

When my family lived in New York City we ran into numerous stars. My husband and I stood in line with Christopher Reeves (before his equestrian jumping accident) at an Upper West Side movie theater, Harrison Ford asked me for directions, Al Pacino sat at the next table at Cafe Luxembourg, I interviewed Val Kilmer when he played the first BATMAN, I saw Ted Danson walking hand in hand with two gorgeous women headed to the REGIS & KELLY studios in the building where I worked, I met Wynton Marsalis numerous times, during all my years covering Jazz @ Lincoln Center, I rode the elevator with Regis Philbin daily at WABC, worked with Steve Kroft in Miami before his CBS as well as his 60 Minutes career; then I rode the elevator with him and we smiled broadly. Another time I rode the elevator with Andy Rooney and he acted exactly as he did on 60 Minutes, a bit gruff but kind. So many others, too many to mention here (notice I mention all the men, yes, I met plenty of women actors but they do not leave the same impression. Guess it is just the way I am wrapped). Everyone of them regular people who happened to be in the spotlight and highly talented. 

The difference, we live in a new world of social media interaction. 

So, this week Ryan Gosling, who happens to be on my A-list of celebs, saved the life of a person, who happened to be a journalist, who happened to TWEET immediately her brush with his flame and, then, Gosling just simply moved on in his life. 

If it were you who got saved by an A-list celebrity, wouldn't you go just a wee bit ga-ga?

I would.

Americans love our stars.

In New York City we see them all the time and we try hard not to act like we do not care, but, we do. It you don't TWEET it to the world, you text your friends.  

Are these encounters allowing the rest of us to share in a moment? Do we want to put all these stars up on a pedestal? Is it a game worth playing? Sounds like the journalist now wishes she did not TWEET her encounter to the world. 

When I ran into all the stars mentioned above, all I could do then, was tell some friends. My sister-in-law met Cary Grant at the cigar counter of a private club and lost her breath for a good 45 minutes, as the story goes. She also met Paul Newman with the same results. But, very few people know about these encounters.

It is just because the actors, stars, celebrities become bigger than life so our reactions become bigger than life. 

Spreading the word quickly to the entire TWITTER UNIVERSE magnifies everything. 

British journalist Laurie Penny would not be a journalist if she did not make mention of being saved from the certain fate of at least getting injured by a taxi had she not been pulled back by Ryan Gosling.

Would Penny have told the world if it was you or me or a has been actor? Penny explained to the media by writing, "Everybody needs to calm down about Ryan Gosling saving me from a speeding car."

Now, she does not like being the "ditzy damsel in distress," but said she was nearly hit and Gosling did what anyone would do, pulled her back. 

Penny says she was distracted, thinking about an article she was in the midst of preparing to write and simply "didn't remember to look the right way. An actor happened to be passing and stopped me from getting run over by a car. I said 'thank you.' And that was that. The actor happened to be Ryan Gosling."

Okay, I buy it. Actors walk the streets of New York City in a way they don't in other regions of the country or the world. And, because Gosling has a reputation for breaking up fights and not just standing by when something is going down, he is getting this super human street cred.

Although "grateful to the dashing and meme-worthy Mr. Gosling," Penny admonishes everyone for being so interested in the star's five-second act.

The British journalist Penny released these words today:

"Americans are very strange. They can and do hyperventilate about the most everyday happenings as if they are the most important thing in the world, and then they act completely normal when public conversations are had about war on Iran and war on women's bodies and when Rick Santorum is considered a serious presidential candidate. The real heroes I've met in America are risking everything to make sure that the United States doesn't slide further into bigotry, inequality and violence whilst everyone is distracted by the everyday doings of celebrities".

She has a point. I wrote yesterday about the UN and the need to protect people from lives of being modern day slaves in a $2.4 billion human trafficking trade. Did that interest you?

Believe me, I enjoy the fun side of life just as much as the next person, but which story do you want to know about the most? Which story did you talk about with your friends? I am curious. I want to hear from you so I know what stories you want blogged about. This is all for you!

So, why Ryan Gosling, Saratoga? 

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