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Baking Soda Miracle Cures & Hypertension (Plus More on H1N1)

Baking Soda For the Flu? 
Due to our fast paced society, many people suffer from occasional indigestion. An old wives tale of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in cool water has been used as remedy for this. It's so common, that most have tried it and have found it to be helpful.  But, does this old belief hold up as scientific? Absolutely!

Sodium bicarbonate, the compound found in baking soda, has the ability to neutralize stomach acid due to it's amphoteric nature. This means it can act as neutralizer for acids and bases. In fact, chemistry labs have used it  for this very reason.  In the body, when NaHCO3 reacts with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, it is broken down to salt and carbon dioxide- both forms can be absorbed in the body. 

According to the Materia Medica:

"The effect of an alkali in the stomach will vary according to the nature of the stomach contents at the time of administration. In the resting period (after food is digested) sodium bicarbonate merely dissolves mucus and is absorbed as bicarbonate into the blood, to increase its alkalinity directly.

"In the digestive period it reduces the secretion of gastric juice, neutralizes a portion of the hydrochloric acid, liberates the carminative carbon dioxide gas, and is absorbed as sodium chloride.

"In cases of fermentation or 'sour stomach' it may neutralize the organic acids and so result in the opening of a spasmodically closed pylorus (the opening between the stomach and the small intestine); while at the same time it acts to overcome flatulency (accumulation of gas in the stomach and bowels).

"The time of administration must, therefore, be chosen with a definite purpose. Usually for hyperchlohydria (excess of acid) one hour or two hours after meals will be the period of harmful excess of acid."

Sodium bicarbonate is even prescribed in conventional medicine. According to Medline, " Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid used to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion. Your doctor also may prescribe sodium bicarbonate to make your blood or urine less acidic in certain conditions." It has also been used to neutralize Aspirin overdose. 

Baking Soda as an Anti-Viral?
The use of baking soda for flu symptoms was employed by Dr. Cheney in 1918-1919 when he discovered it to be helpful for his patients recovering from its symptoms. Many integrative practitioners also feel that  alkalinizing the body is important to recover from most chronic and acute diseases. It is true that sugar is acidic and cancer cells have been shown to have higher affinity for glucose and insulin, as evidence by using insulin potentiation therapy in chemotherpay. 

A diet that contains higher alkalinizing foods, such as green leafy vegetables and seaweeds, in replacement of the highly processed foods, sugar,  non-organic meats and diary can infact make most people feel better and help manage symptoms. 

Still, a controversy exists in how much food can actually act as a buffer to the blood pH; however, the pH through the digestive tract must be proper in order for nutrients and minerals to be absorbed and utilized properly. Wouldn't it make sense that acids and bases in foods, such as organic acids,  have an overall balance on your system? 

The side effects of  using baking soda in excess can be related to salt retention, including raised blood pressure and swelling. This is why using it along with a natural mineral compound such as celtic sea salt of organically bound minerals could be important. Also, make sure you use a baking soda without aluminum in it.

I would also encourage someone to seek out a functional or integrative medical doctor if your immune system continues to be poor or if acid indigestion continues. This assistance can help you get to the root cause of disease. Although, stomach pH is very important for your overall health and HCL is needed to absorb minerals and fight infections such as H.pylori, some diseases such as arthritis can be caused by too much alkalinity in the wrong place! Therefore, long term suppression therapy, natural or synthetic, without getting to the root cause can cause more problems down the line if left alone.


Another situation where sugar is not a good acidic companion in your diet.I Insulin resistance causes salt retention and retains the relaxing mineral, magnesium.  Dr. Mercola's article on hypertension is a must read for anyone diagnosed with this condition:


Groundbreaking research published in 1998 in the journal Diabetes reported that nearly two-thirds of the test subjects who were insulin resistant (IR) also had high blood pressure.

This crucial connection between IR and hypertension is yet another example of how wide-ranging the debilitating effects of high insulin, leptin and blood glucose levels can have on your body.

Additional research revealed that if your blood pressure doesn't drop notably overnight, you run an increased risk of having cardiovascular problems. Here, the connection is also elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels. Elevated blood sugars can result in diabetes and other diseases which increase cardiovascular problems.

Chances are if you have hypertension, you also have poorly controlled blood sugar levels. The two problems often go hand in hand. And if your hypertension is the direct result of an out-of-control blood sugar level, then getting your blood sugars normalized will also bring your blood pressure readings into the healthy range

Suggestions include:

  • Eliminating two types of foods that are poison for most people, but espe cially if you have high blood pressure
  • Balancing the omega fats in your diet
  • Normalizing your weight
  • Managing your emotional life
  • 'Drugging' yourself with exercise
  • Appropriate sunshine exposure
  • Experimenting with supplements and other alternative tips for improving your blood pressure
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Cochrane Data Review of HINI Vaccine (ABSTRACT)

Mercola Link with sources

What is the difference between efficacy and effectiveness? Nasty trick? Efficacy means the vaccines increased antibody titers, effectiveness means the H1N1vaccination offered protection.

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