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Dr. LoBisco's News:

1. Check out my latest blog on heart health. Learn about how the heart "thinks" and how it may contribute to fighting off cancer cells! The biochemistry behind the emotions and how to physically treat your cardiovascular is also explained.

2. What's your Naturopathic IQ? Do you know what Naturopathic Medicine is and the difference between seeing a Naturopathic Physician and a conventional Physician? Find out with my Naturopathic Quiz.

3. I hope to see you all at my Holistic Health Forum on June 27th. Invite your friends, it should be a lively group!

4. Who doesn't love Oz? Check out my latest answers to questions on Dr. Oz's Sharecare site.

It sounds like a scary movie, but it's true! Dr.Mercola spoke about these exploding watermelons in a recent article. Intrigued?

Check out my latest blog on Hormones, Pesticides, GMO's, OH MY!

It's not as dreary a topic as it may seem! In this blog, I give some basic action steps to take for anyone to improve their health, even if they are starting out with a cookie and soda diet.

Other updates:

1. I have just posted a recommended reading list for wellness. The books listed are in the areas of personal growth, financial success, and health.

I hope some of these authors will provide inspiration for you on your wellness journey, as they did for me.
(Comment below if you have any feedback with these books, I'd love to hear it!)

2. My integrative health forum is coming up on June 27th. Hope to see you there!

The connection between EMFs and Cancer has been disputed for years. However, the evidence is now piling up.

In my latest blog, I discuss this connection and give suggestions on how to still stay connected as you protect your brain!

Read more here. a related mind topic, what can protect our brain and keep our moods stable? Fish oil! According to a study done on addictive, bi-polar MICE (yes, I wrote that correctly):

The researchers also found correlations between mouse brain molecular changes and molecular markers in their blood, so called "biomarkers."

"There is now substantial evidence at the molecular level that omega-3 fatty acids work on the brain in ways similar to psychiatric drugs," said Dr. Niculescu. "With these biomarker findings, we can now move forward as a field and do more targeted clinical studies in humans."

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