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Reisa Mehlman Biography

As a holistic skincare professional, Reisa views each individual as a whole - mind, body, and spirit energy combining to form our entirety so that we are seen as the sum of all parts.

"I understand how it came to be that some perceive spa services as merely "pampering." But that is just not so--based upon scientific data. Stress creates disorder and illness. When we combat stress, when we take care of our body systems by listening to its needs, we achieve a deeper sense of wellness, which provides us with a greater quality of life. That's how I see spa."

In order to achieve desired results and address concerns such as acne, rosacea, aging, overall skin health and rejuvenation, Reisa employs a variety of products including GloTherapeutic and Farmaesthetics, along with treatment options incuding peels, and microdermabrasion. For nails, Reisa uses a variety of products including SpaRitual, OPI and Aromafloria. At Living Well, you can have an organic manicure or pedicure and for those whose feet need greater care, there is the "Thera-pedi."

"I see myself as a consultant, offering professional service to address your desires and needs. The skin care market is so vast with so many different products that it can be daunting. Clients trust me to do the legwork, to research and provide effective products, treatments, and advice."

When it comes to skin health, you can rest assured that the highest degree of sanitation is maintained at Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa. If material cannot be sterilized, then it is thrown away. This includes nail files and all other skin and nail accoutrements.

"Your health and well being are our greatest concern. This is Living Well."

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Reisa Mehlman

As a New York State Licensed Aesthetician, New York State Licensed Nail Specialist, and the Director of Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa, Reisa combines her love of spa services and healing arts to achieve optimum skin and nail health, create greater overall wellness and bring forth our optimal, individual beauty.

"I believe that the day spa should be an instant getaway; a place that is quiet without being stuffy, relaxed, elegant and yet entirely comfy. You should feel warm and welcome, surrounded by people who care about you and what they are doing. This is the environment we strive to create at Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa. Here, you are never just the "next" number; we allow ample time for your services, offer a flexible schedule and can be reached after hours. After all, to me, spa craft is not really a business, it's a lifestyle." Read more...

Dr. Sarah Lobisco

Whether the goal is to lessen pain, find an alternative to pharmaceuticals, or improve your quality of life, Dr. LoBisco's Naturopathic Medicine lets you get the best of both worlds conventional medicine, combined with safe and proven complementary therapies.

Dr. Sarah LoBisco has been involved in wellness for over 8 years. Her experience includes mentoring with holistic practices throughout New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. Read more...