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Local Life In Saratoga NY

Saratoga life is the envy of the world. Diverse neighborhoods, great schools, thriving cultural attractions, lively hotspots and nightlife, four-seasons of activities and a strong sense of community and advocacy… What’s not to love about living in Saratoga?

Reading News


See what's happening around town! Read local articles to discover breaking news as well as information about events, things to do, local businesses, interesting facts and more.



Find local politicians and their contact information for Saratoga County, Town and City of Saratoga Springs. Demographic information is available for each as well.



Plan your day or upcoming weekend in Saratoga once you check the local weather forecast. Find out what weather conditions are like now and into the next few days.


Home & Garden

Keep your home looking beautiful – inside and out! Read these home improvement tips and gardening advice to discover easy ways to maintain your Saratoga property.

Going Green

Organic Living

It's easy to go green in Saratoga! From shopping at the Saratoga Farmer's Market... to unplugging appliances at home... to recycling in the workplace, discover organic living tips.

Health Tips

Health Guide

Find great tips for maintaining good health in Saratoga. Learn about the benefits of eating organic foods, trying alternative healing methods and much more.

Senior Citizens

Senior Services

Discover retirement homes and other helpful organizations and services that cater to senior citizens in Saratoga.

Volunteering In The Community

Community Org's

Offer a helping hand, or take advantage of these organizations that offer a great service to the Saratoga community.

Young Girl Praying

Faith & Values

Find local churches, chapels and other faith-based businesses and organizations in the Saratoga community.