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The best reminder email I've gotten in ... well, a year.

After fighting a few months of snow and rain, gray skies and the cold, an email in my inbox reminding me the Saratoga racing season is coming again.

Sure, it may come every year.  Sure we know it'll be here come July and August.  Sure, we know it is months away.

But look at the page on, take a look at the beautiful blue skies, the rooftop spires, the horses running and tell me it doesn't get you excited that summer will be here.

We are nine days from Spring.  Three more months from Summer.

The sun.  The heat.  The humidity.  The clothes sticking to us.  The newspaper print from the Daily Racing Form getting on our fingers then cursing ourselves that we - without thinking - wiped our hand on our white pants and pink shirt while hanging outside that paddock.

Yup.  It's coming.

Thank God!

And thank you for my made my day.

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Patrick Kerrison

While most American men of Patrick's generation grew up talking to their Dad about baseball and the likes of Mantle, Ford, Berra and DiMaggio, he and his father covered the racing beat and talked of Ruffian, Seattle Slew, Affirmed and John Henry.

The son of a newspaperman, Patrick spent his summers a "spoiled" child, but not in the traditional sense. Spoiled because his August months were spent at Saratoga Race Course watching the best the game ever offered.

Breakfast in the mornings, races in the afternoons and the occasional party when kids were welcomed in the evenings, he has lived a privileged childhood. For better than 10 years Patrick worked in varied frontside positions in racing, "living the dream" as he calls it.

Today at age 41, he reverts back to his life as an eight year old with the same passion and love for the town of Saratoga he always had, but with the perspective of an adult. His appreciation for her history and his desire to go back in time revives every summer, while never forgetting the glorious life he lives today. Patrick and invite you to come back to Saratoga's 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and a little bit about today, too.