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I was nothing short of thrilled when I first heard that NBC is offering eight hours of live coverage over seven weekends with their "Summer at Saratoga" series.

Thank God!

Anyone that has read this blog knows I'm a knucklehead from Jersey who loves God, his country, his girlfriend/best friend Stacy, his family and Saratoga Springs NY ... but not always in that order. However, being 200 miles away from the gates of Paradise off Northway Exit 14, I don't get to visit the Spa as often as I'd like, but I do go every chance I get.

The wonderful people that run have afford me the chance (read: blessing) to wax eloquent, and at times a little stupid, about a passion I have for the town, the racing, the people, the sights, the history, the whatever-the-heck-else-you-can-think-of about the one place on Earth God decided to create that was closest to his Garden of Eden - but with a Pick Four.

How great is that?

So NBC's coverage, in conjunction with their partners over at Versus, will allow me to experience an additional eight hours of coverage I may not have had before.

OK. Not just me. You too.

Now, let me make it clear that by no means is this a shameless plug to promote a TV show. NBC doesn't need my little blogging stories to do that. However, it is written with one item in mind. That item is to hopefully add to the exposure of America's first resort town.

It is a great opportunity to reach folks, wherever they may be watching, so they'll get a piece of understanding of how amazing this town is. How great the people are. How friendly and accommodating all the merchants are. And just how beautiful one place can be.

Because if you haven't been here, and you haven't seen it for yourself, then you need to change that. And maybe, just maybe, these shows will be just the motivation some will need to make the pilgrimage to the Promised Land of the Late Double.

With a bit of luck, I'll see you on TV.

Be a dear won't you and wave hello to me when you're there? I'll be the one on the other side of the television envying you.

Final note: According to the NYRA website, the NBC Sports Group's seven straight weekends of "Summer at Saratoga" begins this Saturday, 5-6 p.m. ET on NBC with live coverage of the Coaching Club American Oaks, a race for three-year-old fillies expected to include graded stakes winners Buster's Ready, It's Tricky, Joyful Victory, Plum Pretty, and Royal Delta.

Wait. Wait a minute. What happened here?

It's here? Already?

Holy Moly!

It seemed like only yesterday I was whining like a little boy who had his lollipop taken from him by a big bully - the lollipop being Saratoga Thoroughbred Horse Racing and the big old bully being time.

But we're here.

Holy moly we're here!!!! Three days to go.

With real life constantly getting in the way of daydreaming, writing, fantasizing about the cool Adirondack breeze filtering through the trees outside the paddock I must - I tell you I must - find a way to appreciate the beauty, the perfection, the all out glorious life that is Saratoga Springs, NY.

To those of you who live there, I do envy you.

To those of you who get to be there for opening day, have a blast.

To those of you who spend an entire racing season up there, I'm certain you already know the blessings that come with it (and, I'm sure, difficulties ... but these are rose colored glasses I'm wearing when I write).

Until Friday then, dear friends.

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Patrick Kerrison

While most American men of Patrick's generation grew up talking to their Dad about baseball and the likes of Mantle, Ford, Berra and DiMaggio, he and his father covered the racing beat and talked of Ruffian, Seattle Slew, Affirmed and John Henry.

The son of a newspaperman, Patrick spent his summers a "spoiled" child, but not in the traditional sense. Spoiled because his August months were spent at Saratoga Race Course watching the best the game ever offered.

Breakfast in the mornings, races in the afternoons and the occasional party when kids were welcomed in the evenings, he has lived a privileged childhood. For better than 10 years Patrick worked in varied frontside positions in racing, "living the dream" as he calls it.

Today at age 41, he reverts back to his life as an eight year old with the same passion and love for the town of Saratoga he always had, but with the perspective of an adult. His appreciation for her history and his desire to go back in time revives every summer, while never forgetting the glorious life he lives today. Patrick and invite you to come back to Saratoga's 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and a little bit about today, too.